music business

  1. albertors

    Weekly Recording Studio Podcast from Fuseroom

    Hello everyone! This is Alberto from Fuseroom Berlin. Some weeks ago I started my own podcast that is going to cover topics of studio and music business, recording/mixing/mastering and audio production in general. I thought it might be of interest to some of you, even for spending some time...
  2. S

    Music licensing question

    Hi. I am new here... My friend and I are thinking of starting an indie label. However, since both of us are new to this area we are still looking at various technical and legal stuff... Since we are thinking of doing mostly compilation series I am thinking we will also need to license musics...
  3. pcrecord

    Don't you dare say music is dead !

    I've heard that a few times when people talk about main stream, computer music, autotune and how the music business is turning to fast cash directions... Let me tell you, I know a lot of really good musicians and as long as we keep the pursue of being the best we can at what we do, we will win...
  4. S

    Small Town Studio Syndrome

    Wondering if any other small town studios have encountered this as it's turning into an epidemic where I live First of all there is 2 studios in my town and I guess I'd consider mine a third as I record bands for money now. The first studio does old school recordings for country bands, church...
  5. F

    so what´s the procedure???

    Hi over there. Well the thing is I´ve been recording this CD with my band that we "guess" will have the sonic quality to be ready for the market, or at least to sound like a really good quality demo ( hehe), anyway, we are from a small country so and our goal is to get a deal abroad, our music...