1. M

    Which editing tools to use in editing the music?

    I am a Professional musician and have an interest in music. I have used some of the music but now it is old dated. I want new editing tools which will make my editing easy. Can anyone suggest me editing tools?
  2. Lucy

    Issues with recording my piano

    I'm a guitar player and recently got into piano. I got a Yamaha P-45 and, since I record instrumental tracks with guitar and bass, I tried to record my piano, but I ran into some issues. First I tried connecting my piano to my guitar amp which with my guitar cable and was able to record it...
  3. M

    Thoughts on this music website
  4. MSc_AudioEngineer


    Hi, my name is George Grenfell and I am studying a masters degree in audio engineering. I have a passion for live sound and have always aspired to be a live sound engineer! I am looking to learn about live sound and the lives of you pro sound engineers so i am writing a research report on...
  5. pcrecord

    A modest proposal for fixing the music industry

    An interesting view on the industry of music :
  6. L

    Musician wants to edit his own performance

    I searched and didn't find any post on this topic, so I hope I'm not duplicating someone else's inquiry. I record a couple of local classical chamber music series for radio broadcast. For an upcoming gig, the solo classical pianist has asked me to turn over my files from his rehearsal and...
  7. DP75

    Monument (Electronic music)

    Gear: Roland SH-101 Roland TR-8 (and other drum samples) Yamaha Motif ES Access Virus Motu 896 MK-3 Arturia Beatstep Pro Recorded / Mixed / Mastered in Ableton Live 8 This is the track: link removed, TOS violation. Please read " before you post"...
  8. audiokid

    Recording musicians - Check out the StudioLive Console

    It's possible that you've found this thread because you are a musician, wanting to learn how to record yourself or a band. You are on a budget, you don't fully understand things like converters, preamps, interfacing, compressors etc... and maybe you don't even care about those things right now...
  9. Brother Junk

    Music Theory Question

    First I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I searched a couple times...because I thought I remembered a "music theory" section of this place...but I can't find it now. If there isn't one, it would be cool to have one...for me lol. I know very little about theory. I know many of the...
  10. A

    Recording setup for Chamber Music

    Currently I am in charge of recording a Chamber Music Concert and need to have a better quality audio setup. Currently I use a Rode NTG1 Shotgun Mic running into a Zoom H4N. I shoot from the back of the hall or the balcony. But have realised that the sound out of the Zoom H4n's mic sounds better...
  11. Tony Carpenter

    Life / Music in Scotland

    It's been great so far here. I haven't set the studio up yet at all. Just as well!. We finally have bought a house and will move in end of October. Then I can setup. In the meantime, I have managed to ingratiate myself into the local music scene. I perform a few times a week and even have a...
  12. Sean G

    Polychromatic Music & Modern Microtonal Instruments

  13. pcrecord

    Musician to hire vs artistic integrity

    Hi gang, Sorry that I'm a bit less present these days, I'm in a few projects that takes me much of my time and energy ;) I was wondering if I'm the only one to get screwed every time I want to help a band or recording artist when it gets to integrity and artistic taste. Let me explain, I get...
  14. B

    Critique my mix

    Hi everyone, Would you mind having a listen to my mix and telling me what you think??? One of my first full band mixes, so any advice would be hugely appreciated!!! Thanks!!! Ben
  15. A

    How do you deliver music to clients?

    After you've created music for your clients, or yourself for the matter, how are you delivering the final product? If they simply want the aiff/wav/mp3 files are you putting everything on USB drives? If they want physical CDs, are you burning discs or having them pressed? If you're burning them...
  16. pcrecord

    Don't you dare say music is dead !

    I've heard that a few times when people talk about main stream, computer music, autotune and how the music business is turning to fast cash directions... Let me tell you, I know a lot of really good musicians and as long as we keep the pursue of being the best we can at what we do, we will win...

    Recording Equipment used in Consumer pop music

    Hey everyone! Where could I figure out the equipment used in certain popular recordings topping the charts right now, without having to contact the label and finding the engineers/producers that worked on that particular project, etc. For instance, some of my favorite engineering and use of...
  18. I


    Date and Time: Saturday, Oct 17th, 2015 | 11:00 am – 6:00 pm ADMISSION: FREE with Registration LOCATION: RTA @ Ryerson University 80 Gould Street Toronto, ON M5B 2M7 IMSTA FESTA brings a collection of reputable music technology companies together in an environment where...
  19. G

    DAW ScratchPad - CakeWalk Music Creator 7

    Well.. Not sure where to post this one .. but seeing that its a Child of Sonar... I was looking for an easy DAW that my daughter could Use .. Ran around the net trying lite versions of a number of products... Anyhow, wound up downloading Music Creator 7 ... it was $28.00 CDN directly from...
  20. U

    I make terrible music, how do I make it better?

    I started producing months ago and have made two songs in a week, then I promptly put them down because they were terrible. How do I make it better (I want my music to sound like ). Please help, I've been putting it off for too long! If you want to hear my terrible music (you really don't)...