1. pcrecord

    MXL 990 DIY mod - RK47

    Hi gang, Here's a video in which I mod the MXL 990 with a new Capsule !! (RK47 from Tell me what you think
  2. D

    MXL 770 really bad hum

    Hello! I have a problem with my MXL 770 mic Yesterday that was all ok. But now i hear so many background/static noise from the MXL 770. I attached file with that hum. What can i say more.. It is not problem with mixer or cable.. i was connect mxl 990 with the same cable, mixer, and input...
  3. L

    Static/Background noise on MXL 770

    I'm using the MXL 770 along with the Behringer U-Phoria UM2. Now, the Behringer use to make a lot of noise until i updated a driver. I knew it was the audio interface since i disconnected the actual recorder from it, and the laptop still allowed me to record. Now after that problem is gone, i...
  4. G

    2nd in a Series - Re-ribbon, new transformer and 3D printed parts for MXL R144

    Hello, this is a second in a series of Ribbon Mic upgrades. Thought you all might be interested. Here I updated the truss to make the ribbon element floating (not tied to the truss and chassis ground) and swapped out the transformer. This required some 3D printed ribbon mounts and covers...
  5. G

    Ribbon Microphone Upgrade for MXL 990

    Hello, I’m beginning my personal little crusade in the Ribbon Mic arena. To start, I’ve created an Instructable, to upgrade an MXL 990 condenser mic with a ribbon element from I created some 3D printed parts to hold the ribbon element and transformer. But I...
  6. N

    Need help with MXL R144

    Hi, I am new to recording. I am trying to find the best settings for my MXL R144 paired with a XENYX 802. I am using this primarily for recording violin. Right now, I am getting a muddy and scratchy sound from my mic. Any tips?
  7. elliejah

    MXL V67GS mic not recording at full volume, ideas?

    Hey dudes and dudettes, quick question...I bought a MXL V67GS and it's not recording at full volume. When I plug an [=""]SM57[/] in, it records perfect, so I'm wondering if the phantom power is not strong enough? I've read...
  8. WinnipegSoundGuy

    New MXL V63M or used Shure sm7b or ? for home broadcasting

    Setting up home studio for on line radio and looking for a mike, can anyone tell me why the MXL V63M...
  9. H

    MXL 990 with Michael Joly Engineering K47 Mod...anyone??

    Just curious if anyone here has experience with this particular modified microphone [=""]Award-winning microphone engineering from Michael Joly[/] Very skeptical that I can get a $350 microphone that performs like a Neumann U87 Ai...
  10. N

    MXL black widow

    Greetings folks! I was just curious if anyone here have tried these mics? I had some extra cash and itchy fingers so I just clicked home two of them in hope of maybe use them as overheads or stereo mics on acustic guitar. Maybe they are to crap for that so I might end up using them as room mics...
  11. D

    Zoom H4n + MXL 603s = Low Frequency "Bumps"

    I am just getting into sound and am very much a novice. I recently purchased a Zoom H4n and a pair of MXL 603s. I'm attempting to record a choir I'm in using this gear. I've made some test recordings and have also recorded a rehearsal. In these recordings I'm noticing a low frequency bumping...
  12. AUD10

    MXL 606

    Has anyone used an MXL 606 small condenser microphone? Is it any good for micing stringed instruments?
  13. W

    Help Me with AT2035 and MXL 770

    I am planning to buy AT2035 and Scarlett 2i2 to start my home studio. Scarlett 2i2 cost 149 USD on amazon and AT2035 cost 149 USD also. Then I came across to this amazon bundle deals [=" "] Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Vocalist...
  14. M

    MXL Tempo USB mic --- need help

    Hello, New here - so if this is in the wrong spot please forgive me. I've done a lot of recording in a corporate setting for many years but I've never run into this problem and I am having a hard time trying to figure it out. We have a couple MXL Tempo USB microphones for doing VO work. The...
  15. J

    MXL V67N Mod?

    I have a pair of MXL V67N Mics and I like them.....but not enough to leave them alone :) . I opened one up: -The electronics are mostly surface components - There is a transformer (of course) - the Capacitor off the capsule looks good - A "larger" electrolytic capacitor; a 47uf 100v...
  16. C

    What do I need to record into my computer with MXL Genesis II?

    I know that tube mics don't need phantom power because it has it's own power supply, but what will I need if I want to record straight from mic into computer?
  17. timshel

    MXL 991 Mod-AC Issue?

    Hello audio equipment creepers, I finally fit the giant Radioshack metal film capacitors into my MXL 991. My mod was based off of this link:[=""] Gus' MXL 603 mod[/]. Which I am sure some of you are familiar with. To clarify: I have not replaced...
  18. T

    MXL Genesis just sounds... bad.

    Why does my genesis sound so shitty? It's really quiet, and things sound very thin and wispy. I'm pretty unhappy, especially after spending about $500 on one. Any tips? Does this mic just suck? Is it a lemon? Does the tube need more time? Any advice would be awesome. :confused:
  19. M

    Can't get MXL 990 to work with Blue Icicle and Laptop? Please Help!

    Last week, I bought an MXL 990 with a shockmount, a Blue Icicle, and a 25 ft. long XLR cable. I have the Microphone plugged into to XLR cable > Blue Icicle > Dell Inspiron N5110. It says that it's installing software, but when it's done, it says "There is a problem with the driver USB...
  20. D

    Great but Affordable Pre Amp for MXL 990

    Can you guys suggest me a decent pre amp that's worth $100 and lower? I have a M Audio Fast Track Pro and I'll be using an MXL 990 as microphone. Anyone?