1. Christopher Long

    Help using Behringer C-1 with Nady SMPS-USB audio interface

    I have my Behringer C-1 condenser microphone plugged into an XLR cable, that XLR is plugged into my Nady SMPS-USB audio interface with phantom power, and a USB is plugged into the Nady and my Windows laptop. The Nady SMPS-USB is being powered by a replacement AC adapter for now with only 12...
  2. C

    NADY TCM 1050 and M-audio Sputnik power supply

    I Have a M-audio Sputnik microphone, but the problem is, that i don't have a power supply for it, which is a big problem because it is a 7-pin multi-pattern large diaphragm vacuum tube condense microphone, and there is no way to get it I live in Czech republic and here it's impossible to order...
  3. ThirdBird

    The Nady CM 85 Cardiod Condenser

    has a switch under the battery slot labeled M/V. What might this do?
  4. T

    Nady Ribbon Mics

    There are cheap as dirt? Worth the money for something a little different? I am looking at the Nady RSM-2. its $200. I mean I really can not go wrong. But I also don't want to be left thinking that i could have gotten a pair of 57s with that cash. And we can all use more 57s.
  5. A

    Nady PRA-8 Mic Preamp

    Im new with this stuff. How would I hook the Nady PRA-8 Mic Preamp up to my PC?
  6. R

    Hiss with Nady RSM-1

    Hello, I'm very new to, but I love the family sense that I see around the site so I already feel at home. This is the problem I'm having. I bought a Nady RSM-1 ribbon mic a couple of months ago and I'm working on starting up a home studio. Well, home studio is putting it...
  7. S

    Those Nady Ribbon Mics

    The singer in my band is a little hard to record.He has kind of a high voice (Robert Plant/Bon Scott,etc.)All my mics hate his voice (NTK,a couple of AT's,MXL's,etc.).They're all pretty bright,and they seem to over accentuate the treble content of his voice. He was discussing this with...
  8. G


    Has anybody tried these , i have one on layaway to try out, any thoughts ? a NADY PR8
  9. JLiRD808

    CAD GXL2200/2400 & Nady SCM800 (Newbie ?'s)

    This is my first post ever (Aloha from HI) and this will also be my first condenser mic purchase ever. I am on a strict budget and am trying to do as much research as possible on my 6 day a week work schedule. I saw these two mics all over EBAY: CAD GXL2200/2400 & Nady SCM800...
  10. S

    Nady 5 peice drum mic pack

    Greetings I am considering buying these mics... i know they are highly inexpensive,but are they worth having to record drums that will sound clear and full???
  11. H

    extra $$$ - Blue Ball or Nady Rsm-2?

    So I got a surprise late birthday check from a relative and I have decided to treat myself to a mic purchase for my modest home set up. Most of the stuff I do at home is for myself, friends or local singer songwriters who don't have the budget to go into the big studio. My set up at home...
  12. L

    Nady SDP-20 DRFX Program

    I have the effect unit and The Manual that came with the unit says I can download the DRFX.EXE program from Nady's WEB site but I'll be damned if I can find it. Anyone know where I can get the program
  13. A

    MXL 990 vs. Nady SCM 900?

    hey folks! i'm trying to figure out which (budget) condenser mic to buy...i was on the cusp of ordering the MXL 990 (from musician's friend), when i read some reviews complaining that the shockmount is cheap and doesn't work well...
  14. T

    Any one try the new Nady Ribbon?

    Its stupidly cheap and will likely live up to that standard. Its suppose to be a replica of a vintage model butwe know how that works. :)
  15. D

    Nady RSM-2 / PPA / T-Bone Chinese Ribbons on Drum Room

    I just put them up, in a decadent multi-mic scheme, and ended up using as much of them or more than any other mic! Here are some clips. Clip 1 Clip 2 Details and pictures of the setup. My mics are the Tape Op group buy editions which just came in - a tapered grille (from which i...
  16. D

    nady 1150

    I just need some oppinion about this mic,mayybe an A/B with rode NTk1 or ntk2 because I have oportuniti to bay it for 350 euro(about 450$). Thanks in advance
  17. D

    Nady TCM 1050 tube microphone

    This has probably been discussed add nauseum here, but a search didn't turn up much. I'm new to the forum, but not that new to recording. Have any of you tried out the Nady 1050? I can't seem to find any pro reviews in any of the gear magazines. The feature set is quite impressive, and it...
  18. jdier

    Compression 101 (Bass DI, Vocals, Nady CL 5000)

    I record without a board direcly into two Aardvark Q10's into Sonar 2.2 XL. I have some nice compressors I can use later in mix down, but I just bought my first outboard compressor, a NADY CL-5000. Would anyone be willing to share some pointers on how to get started using it for two...
  19. hargerst

    Under the hood, Pt.2 - Studio Projects C1 vs. Nady SCM10

    Both are multipatten (omni, cardioid, & figure 8) with tiny switches for pattern selection, roll off, and a -10 dB pad. The Nady is similar in construction to the Marshall V67G except with a shorter, heavier body, and a U87 type grille. The SP C3 is built exactly the same as the C1. Each had...