no audio output

  1. Zedramcak

    No phantom power from Scarlet Solo 1st gen

    Hello. I just bought an AKG P220 and wanted to try recording with my Focusrite Scarlet solo. But I don't get any sound from it. When I connect my SHURE SM58, the recording works just fine. The 48V switch is on. And the Scarlett is connected via a USB hub which also has its own power supply...
  2. S

    I can't figure out why I am not getting any output in Logic Pro

    Hey y'all, This is my first time posting here and I hope you guys can help me figure this one out. I'm trying to make some tunes in logic pro but I am not getting any audio response from the tracks I have set from my interface. This is strange for me because I use the same parameters every...