noise gate

  1. JohnTodd

    What about noise gates?

    With all this talk about compressors giving a "flavor" to a sound, I've begun to wonder about noise gates. I've been tinkering around with 2 of them on Cubase. Am I actually hearing a difference in the sound or is it my imagination? The two are set to identical settings. One is the...
  2. audiokid

    (term) Gate

    A dynamic device that has the ability to stop audio passing through it based on a certain threshold. Originally designed to shut down audio output in passages with no program material (where tape hiss might be evident) or to lower bleed on drum microphones. Gates can also been used...
  3. M

    Noise gate question, please help!

    Hello. I am currently recording vocals from different artists and when I am listening to the diffent takes I am hearing some unwanted background noise like air, a little bit of headphone bleeds, ect. and I am needing some help on correctly using a noise gate. I know some will suggest not using...
  4. S

    a noise generator keyed (with a noise gate) to the bass drum

    Hello i need some advice on how i go about having the kick drum be the key for a noise generator to open the gate adding the noise generator as a layer to the kick drum, Federico
  5. C

    noise gates...

    ... for successful drum editing in the box. any recommendations from the DAW-pros?
  6. S

    Using a noise gate with a HHB 850 CD recorder ?

    Have a HHB 850 CD recorder. Recently puchased a vinyl turntable. I can record a vinyl record using the "auto track" feature to number the tracks but the only problem is that the recording level has to be pretty low for the sound level between the vinyl tracks to be low enough for the auto...
  7. N

    Presonus Noise Gates?

    My Drawmer noise gate finally crapped out on me after quite awhile of reliable use.... (I bought it used anyway so who knows how much time it had on it with the previous owner).... I'm planning to replace our studio with another Drawmer gate as I definately think they make the best workhorse...
  8. F

    Could Someone Define Range on a noise gate?

    Sorry, I know this is such a dumb question, but i think i understand the concept, just need someone to help me solidify my understanding. From what I've read and heard, if the threshhold of a noise gate were to be set at say, -10dB, and we were to set the range at say - 20 dB, this would in...
  9. J

    Noise Gates on Compressed Vocals

    I am in the middle of mixing a recording session and have a vocal track that is good and I have added some compression on the track. The singer lets out a couple of heavy breaths and also is stomping a bit on the floor with his foot through out the track, needless to say when I compress for the...
  10. D

    Noise Gate expander question

    Hi Out of all the Fx I use, Noise gates are the one that give me so much trouble. Compressors are usually the culprits in any novices set up... I always try to record dry, no fx no compression. Other people I have spoken too put FX on things... OK I might record with compression on Bass...
  11. D

    Help.. de-essing/Noise gates.. how/when to?

    HI anyone help? Heres the scenario.... project studio, recording a demo I recorded a female vocal with a decent mic (AKG C4000) I tend to record clean with no effects or compression, and add later. Whilst she was overdubbing, she had one earphone on and one off... The mic picked up...
  12. E

    Best noise gate?

    Hola chicos, What is currently the best-regarded noise gate out there? Seems like the basic outboard gate is kinda falling by the wayside these days, as more and more ppl go to DAW's. Anyways, I need a handful of clean, fast gates to use on drums in particular. I used to use the dbx 900...