1. M

    Need help with noise on guitar track

    Whenever I record the guitar, I get this super high pitch hissing noise that I can get rid of with a noise gate fx when the guitar isn't being played (very beginning of the clip) But as soon as he starts playing, the noise gate isn't effective any longer. You have to turn the volume up louder...
  2. CatMalone

    Random Noise issue is getting resolved - Feedback required

    Hello, I record audio tutorial at my home studio and has no connection with creating music so my requirement is very basic (just to record clean audio as much as possible at my end). Issue: I was facing a noise issue which was coming on its own when I start recording (while monitoring I...
  3. X

    Interference issue during recording

    Hi, This is the issue I've been experiencing for couple years already, and I was never able to resolve, I hope Recording community will be able to help me...I need your help, BIG TIME. What's going on: whenever I try to record a DI signal from my guitar I have noise in the background. That...
  4. zamboknee

    Can't Get Rid of Clicks/Crackles with RX

    I'm trying to get rid of some clicks and/or crackles in an interview with Izotope RX 6. I tried the 'click' and 'noise' and even 'mouth click' settings (with various tweaking of settings) but can't seem to get rid of these noises. I've attached a sample of what I'm talking about. It's only on...
  5. achase4u

    Can someone tell me what this awful noise is and how to elimate it?

    I'm just in a home project studio here. I've got this noise issue to deal with. Sounds like digital interference or something? Seems to have come on more recently. Not sure what the deal is. Power conditioning needed?
  6. D

    MXL 770 really bad hum

    Hello! I have a problem with my MXL 770 mic Yesterday that was all ok. But now i hear so many background/static noise from the MXL 770. I attached file with that hum. What can i say more.. It is not problem with mixer or cable.. i was connect mxl 990 with the same cable, mixer, and input...
  7. M

    Help with Strange clipping vocal phenomenon?

    Hello :-) so I'm recording the vocals for my song and I noticed some clipping on loud parts. The strange thing here is that when I solo the vocal track the clipping is gone, completely nonexistent. And it doesn't look red on the waveform. But when the piano is unmute it, the clipping is audibly...
  8. B

    A "whistling" noise from all my amps with a cable plugged !!

    Hello, I'm facing a huge problem making it impossible to record any electric instrument anymore! Here a recap: 1. Since some time I've got a "whistling" noise when I plug cables with or without guitar (all three of them) in any of my FOUR amps (three tube and one modeling Line6). Frequency of...
  9. M

    Neumann M147 (Click / Pop Noise)

    Hi, Neumann M147 was sleep for quite sometimes, today I woke it up and try to have some recording... Oh Lord, NOISE appears... like Click and Pop comes and go! Cables replaces, Inputs changed... no improvement... What's wrong? any idea to troubleshoot other than cables?
  10. V

    clipping, noises in files after importing audio formats

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, but I need some help as I've asked around and no one seems to know what's wrong. Basically, I have Nuendo 4 with Asio4All as the driver. I have this both on my Surface Laptop and my Desktop. My Surface works fine, everything's good. My desktop....not so much. What...
  11. Brother Junk

    Mitigating Fret Noise (example attached)

    Here is something I recorded yesterday with my Bluebird, the Mbox Pro and PT. Mic was about 12" from sound port. I know the BB is usually a vocal mic, it's just the only one I have atm. Someone is coming over today with an SM57 to see if I can get it any better, but I wanted people's thoughts...
  12. Jarmaloon

    Razer Seiren Crackling Noise in Audacity

    Hey everyone, I've been recording some voice lines for video via Audacity and recently have had the problem of audio crackling. My Razer Seiren is almost brand new, so I can't imagine there is anything wrong with the hardware. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. L

    Static/Background noise on MXL 770

    I'm using the MXL 770 along with the Behringer U-Phoria UM2. Now, the Behringer use to make a lot of noise until i updated a driver. I knew it was the audio interface since i disconnected the actual recorder from it, and the laptop still allowed me to record. Now after that problem is gone, i...
  14. N

    Question re. Beyer M81 hum/noise

    Hi, everyone! This is my first here at the forum; I am somewhat new to the world of recording, so please bear with me. I recently purchased a pair of Beyer M81s (M818) to experiment a bit with some old mics. They are supposed to be fantastic dynamics - but I'm having issues with mine. Both of...
  15. Jeremy Dean

    Guitar rig noise

    Hey guys, I have a guitar rig question, not sure if this is the right place to post this question so forgive me if I'm off here. I recently started micing my tube amp in a back room away from the stage so I can crank it getting the tone I want, but still giving the sound guy full volume...
  16. N

    Audio Technica AT2020: Help with too much background noise

    Audio Technica AT2020 Help with too much background noise So i’m using my microphone for live streaming games and lets plays and youtube I may have made a mistake in buying a Audio Technica AT2020 USB a while back , it picks up WAY TOO much background noise. A tiny soft bird tweets in the...
  17. G


    Hello, I'd like to have some advice about how to avoid, during the field recording, the mechanical noise due to the contact of the wires of the mics hiting each other or maybe hiting the grip holding the microphones. Can I find in commerce a special grip for the cables? How do you usually solve...
  18. M

    Noise during Recording! Electric Current Noise?

    Hi, Attached mp3 was showing the NOISE that I was/am facing during recording section. What was that issue and where was it come from, still, how to solve it? Recording setup: MacBook Pro USB Audio Interface Mic XLR input Power supplies from the same source
  19. Jeremy Dean

    Noise Issues

    Hey everyone! I have a mix I'm trying to bring some life back into. I recorded it about 2 years ago and it's been one of my favorite songs to work on. I've learned a lot about mixing since then and want to fix the glaring issues I'm finding with it now. One mess I'm facing is that I...
  20. Josem

    I'm new to recording

    What's up everyone. I'm new to the recording scene and I'm wanting to learn more about it. I'm currently using behringer umc202hd interface on windows 10 and for now running a trail for Studio one 2 DAW. I'm basically wanting to learn more on how to record metal music is what I'm into. And I'm...