ns10 history

  1. J

    Are NS10's really all that?

    I need to get some monitors for my little recording setup. I have heard that yamaha's NS 10's are the way to go as far as reference monitors. Are there any that are better that are cheaper. i do not want to spend over $150 and with the ns 10's i would need to get an amp too.
  2. E

    Yamaha ns10 power amp question

    My friend got these monitors off of ebay, and apparently they hook up through speaker wire and not through quarter inch. So does he need some type of reciever? Will a standard stereo receiver work? What exactly does he need to purchase to hook these up to his sound card?
  3. M

    History of the NS10?

    This more likely than not has been talked about here, in the past. My question is what was the model number of the first origional Yamaha NS10? Is it the NS10M or is there an even earlier more origional monitor named "NS10" without the "M"? Is there a difference between the two?