1. M

    Quran Recording

    I'm looking to buy a mic. I'm only going to be using it to record "Quran" (I've attached a sample if you don't know what that is) I want a very good sounding mic, but don't need "the most professional, best studio mic ever" since I'm only using it for that one specific thing. i rather not spend...
  2. M

    I have a Rode NTK and am considering a Rode K2 for MS recording +. Any opinions?

    This is a slightly different take on the impossible question of "which Mic should I buy!" I already have a Rode NTK which I am quite happy with and have got some nice vocal and acoustic guitar recordings with it. I want to do some experimentation with MS recording and thought that the K2...
  3. S

    Which Preamp in the $2-400 range for acoustic /vocal rec.should i buy for a Rode NTK

    Any advice would be appreciated. After reading some negative reviews for the Presonus Bluetube mic preamp, I decided against it. ART, do they make good preamps in your opinion? Thank-you.
  4. musician24

    Mic Preamp / channel strip for the RODE NTK

    Hello everyone, I ask you for one piece of advice. I need a mic preamp for RODE NTK. I would like to improve sound and reduce noise. Does anyone know which mic preamp would work out well? In view of finances, I am currently limited to a maximum of about $450 / 300 eur. I have a sound card M...
  5. J

    RODE NTK or AKG C214?

    RODE NTK or AKG C214?
  6. S

    Just bought a RODE NTK

    And it's awesome! Amazingly audible step up from the MXL that I had before (V-something, 67?). I recorded a demo track but it's probably to big to upload. Doh! My review of performance. Well let's just say that before when I was using the MXL, I would do a take and come back and listen...
  7. J

    SE Z5600a or Rode NTK??

    do i buy a SE Z5600a or a Rode NTK?? im not sure as they are priced about the same and both sound really nice. Im thinking more towards the SE Z5600a as it also includes a nice shockmount where the rode is optional. i plan to use mainly on vocals but probably a few other acoustic stuff now and...
  8. A

    rode ntk. a good all around budget mic?

    I'm looking for a mic in the 500 dollar range that will be nice for recording a variety of things; namely vocals (male and female) and acoustic violin. The Rode NTK mic seems like a nice choice. I have yet to listen to it, but I know many of you either own one or have used one. As far as a...
  9. C

    Rode NTK power supply question?

    I've been recording on this mic for awhile now and I have question the sound of it. There is a certain harshness that I get with the vocals. My chain is NTK-Grace 101-DBX166XL-Motu 828mk2. I've recently tken the DBX, and the grace out the loop and have been testing the vocals on the motu...
  10. H

    Rode NTK into M-Audio 1010lt?....its too hot?..its too cold?

    I just got this setup the other day mainly to record french horn in a mix and alone for practicing. I guess I just assumed I would plug it in and there would be a slider on the mixer that I could control the gain with and if it was too hot I would turn it down until it is just right. The NTK...
  11. D

    Rode NTK mic pre

    I have been using my Mackie VLZ mixer for a few years and would like to get a preamp that is a step up from that...My price range is ~500. There are many mic pres in this range (grace 101, Summit 2BA-221, "The Brick", RNP etc.) and some of them are tube...Since my main vocal mic is a Rode NTK...
  12. G

    Rode NTK mic with replaced TUBE (NOS) - mp3 examples here!!!

    Hi I own a Rode NTK mic, and am not that happy with the sound. It's brittle, and not very focused. I would love to get a better mic, but the budget is a little restrictive. So instead, I ordered a replacement tube for the mic, in the hope that I could improve the sound. The tube I chose...
  13. S

    suitable pre for RODE NTK TUBE MIC.....

    hi guys i just purchased RODE NTK TUBE MIC...can anyone suggest me the suitable PRE...for this mic...i recorded it direct first..on songs like ballads or slow tempo song it really sounds warm.. and on the fast songs it is'nt sounding warm... why is that....can anyone explain this to me...
  14. S

    How is RODE NTK TUbe...

    hey guys i bought RODE's NTK Tube mic.... so far i really loved it on the vocals... can some experienced guys in here tell me wht would be the best use of this mic...
  15. S

    Rode NTK on kickdrum?

    Anyone tried this? It handles 152 SPL, so it shouldn't break...?
  16. M

    RODE NTK/ K2 or AKG C 414 B-ULS/C 4000B?

    Hi, people! Help! I need an advice for my decision: RODE NTK/ K2 or AKG C 414 B-ULS/C 4000B? My aim is to record acoustic instruments: 1 Nylon and steel guitars, tar, saz, sitar, dulcimer, kanun, celtic harp 2 Cello, violin, fiddles, hurdy-gurdy 3 Different fluts, bagpipe, mizmar...
  17. 3

    Neumann TLM 103 vs Rode NTK - Your Opinions Please

    Hi Everyone, I recently bought Neumann TLM-103 mic but I am wondering what is your opinion of it and more importantly how it compares to Rode NTK mike. I initially wanted to buy NTK but they didn't have one in stock so I got the Neumann. Should I return it and get NTK (they still don't have it...
  18. 3

    Rode NTK or AT 4033a ?

    Hi all, I'm about to start recording a new dance project with 2 female vocalists. I owe only one mike which is Audio Technica 4033a. I am thinking about getting Rode NTK as I heard it's great for vocals. Would this mike work for female vocal? Would it be better than 4033a? Any thoughts? tnx...
  19. W

    Rode NTK vs. Studio Projects T3

    Hopefully Alan can give me some insight on this as well... I am wanting to get my first "nice" vocal condensor. And, it is really between these two mics at this point. I have heard some great things done with the NTK, and I would have no hesitation on buying it. However, I have heard...
  20. C

    Rode NTK vs. Blue Baby Bottle

    Anyone use both these mics or have an opinion regarding a great $500 vocal/acoustic guitar mic?: