1. audiokid

    Recording an Orchestra using Royer ribbon microphones, with engineer Robert Friedrich

    Grammy-winning Classical Engineer Robert Friedrich gives us an in-depth look at the recording techniques used when recording "The Carnival Of The Animals" with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Friedrich relied heavily on ribbon microphones to achieve the desired sound quality.
  2. audiokid

    The Brian Setzer Orchestra Live - FOH Engineer Jimbo Neal using Royers

    Front of House Engineer Jimbo Neal takes us behind the scenes with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, showing how he uses Royer and Mojave Audio microphones to get Brian's live sounds. To add more choices, here is a look at Mojave and Royer mics. They are a bit higher priced mics but you can always...
  3. paulears

    Old Orchestral Mic Techniques

    I found this article - really interesting stuff, on Decca Trees and other stereo techniques http://www.polymathperspective.com/?p=2484
  4. A

    Orchestra recording-which hanging mics here

    Some of the orchestras I've seen have engineers using various types of mics hanging from the ceiling and I've been wondering which ones the tiny ones are in this video from Symphony Hall,Boston. From what I've seen they generally use maybe a half dozen hanging across at the front of the stage...
  5. J

    mic placement for recording an orchestra

    I am planning on recording a school orchestra recital and need some help deciding on a microphone setup. I've done live sound for decades, but have done practically nothing relating to orchestral recordings. I also have a limited selection of microphones to choose from. The end result will be...
  6. L

    Wide orchestra, narrow chorus

    Hi, I have a gig coming up recording a chorus and chamber orchestra concert in a church. It's the Bach Magnificat. The chorus will be in choir stalls on either side of the altar, thus facing each other across the altar. Some singers (probably tenors only) will be standing along the back of...
  7. H

    Small Orchestration, new Logic Pro X sounds great Imo

    Hey Ya'll, so i made an impulsive decision to purchase Logic Pro X; and i have to say, ***i'm truly impressed!***; although the operating performance seems a little slow (although it could be my computer!), and of course some of the usual functions seem a slight bit glitchy, which is...
  8. audiokid

    Mahavishnu Orchestra Live at BBC 1972

    Remember this:
  9. A

    East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra

    Has anyone, or does anyone use East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra Gold software? I am in need of more realistic sounds, with articulations, and this one seems to be what I am looking for within my budget? What do you think of it, why? Would you recommend something else instead, why? Any...
  10. R

    Orchestra hits and volume

    I'm using Garageband, I have a mix that has a crescendo into a loud orchestra hit, It seems this is keeping the volume of the final product a lot lower than it should be. Any thoughts on how I can raise the overall volume and still have that orchestra hit stand out? Thank you
  11. A

    MS 416 + mkh30 on classical orchestra

    has anyone used an MS stereo set, MKH416 ANd MKH30 as MS on orchestra? i own a mkh40 too, but i need it on a cembalo, so was thinking to envolve my 416 closed in my boom. thanks.
  12. BobRogers

    DIY Audition Recordings for Schools, Competitions, Orchestra

    We get questions on this topic pretty frequently. Some of them are specific to particular instruments, but I thought I'd post some general thoughts I have on the subject that I didn't want distracting other threads. 1. Audition CDs can have several different purposes with different aims...
  13. K

    Orchestral recording feedback requested

    Hello, I recorded my orchestra's performance two months ago and would like some feedback on the recording quality. The microphone is clearly visible in the recording with the stand right next to the conductor for you to see the placement. Two audio technica 4070 mics about 10 feet high in...
  14. S

    Orchestra with Choir/soloists @ church...mic help please!

    Hey all- My first post to the forum! :wink: This weekend I will be recording an orchestra with a choir at a church. I will be using a Sound Devices 8 track and I have a good selection of microphones to use (through the university), and up to this point, I was thinking: 2 U87s for the main...
  15. G

    mic placement for orchestral band/chorus

    Hi all-newbie here with a question. My daughter's HS marching band also performs orchestral music (upper college and sometimes professional level pieces) at a local church sanctuary which is huge-seats about 3000. Next month the chorus will be doing the show along with the band. So I'm looking...
  16. E

    Choir behind orchestra: best way to mic?

    In my professional life, about 90% of the time, when there is a choir with instruments- from small ensemble to full orchestra- the choir is behind the instruments on risers. To my main pair, the choir is less 'close' and detailed than the instruments because it is quite a bit further from the...
  17. K


    (y) Hi, I'm really not sure, I want to create a music, that uses full orchestra, what is the best one that I can be proud to use, I meant software, and massively produce it on album store. I was reading a site, about Kontakt 4, and said that, Avatar Movie used it, and I wonder, is that great for...
  18. P

    Recording orchestra in a pit for the "Nutcracker Suite"...Just in time for Christmas!

    I have been hired to record the Nutcracker Suite for a TV broadcast for a local PBS station. Since most every one knows that particular Suite I am not listing the instrumentation here. The orchestra will be in a pit and I'm limited in being able to suspend any mics due to camera angles, etc...
  19. C

    Help with live orchestral performance

    At times, I have to record a live orchestra performance but the organiser of the concert refused to let me put up overhead mic stands on stage as they affect the view of the audience. Since I do not have any access to set up suspending microphone, up to now, what I would do is to place the mics...
  20. tunefoolery

    improving my orchestra recording technique

    Hi all -- I just recorded a live orchestra with piano (Rachmaninoff's third concerto) for the first time. Can't say I did a terrific job... But I think the recording will be adequate; I just want to learn to make it better next time. I know now that I probably should have used an X/Y setup; I...