1. Thomas Hartkop

    Otari MTR 90 + Dolby XP/SR SET UP

    2015 Thanksgiving day. I am in Pueblo Colorado visiting my sons. I live in southern Oregon. I have a home studio that has expended over the years. With over 70 albums under my belt I have recently decided to move from the digital domain back to analog. I took delivery on an Otari MTR 90 II...
  2. achase4u

    Interfacing problem between Roland Octa capture and Otari MX5050

    So I wanted to run some audio to my 1/4" tape machine. The Roland manual states that there are "audio outs" in the rear of the unit - they are balanced/unbalanced jacks 1/4". TS or TRS. I've used them before for headphone monitoring etc. The manual states 0DBu nominal level, so I suppose...
  3. M

    Otari MTR-10 voltages

    I recently acquired an Otari MTR-10 tape machine on Ebay. While it was promised in pristine condition, I am finding a lot of issues. One thing I ran into is that the power supply voltages labeled + and - 26 volts on the schematics (and also on the front panel indicator lamp) are actually...
  4. A

    Difference between an Otari Mixing Console and an SSL system

    Nvm. No one ever helps here. Geez....you've only made five posts and two of them were to insult me and call me names...... Good work if you can get it.
  5. I

    Any thoughts on the Otari MTR-10?

    I have seen these machines going for between 4-700. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on their reliability, sound, and a general opinion on them. Also, if anyone has any info on the expansion card that seems to be so elusive I would appreciate it. Thanks
  6. song4gabriel

    otari concept one board -any pointers?

    Hello all I am set to begin a project this week end on an Otari Concept One 64 ch. Having never used one before I was wondering if there is anything I should be aware of -quirks particulalr to this specific board. The owner of the studio is cranky and I dont want any unneeded flak...
  7. O

    2-track reel-to-reel recorders. Teac, Tascam, Otari...

    i keep seeing these for sale for under $300 all over the place, and I am wondering if anyone has ever used these for music/rock recording? it is almost tempting to pick one up to track some vocals or snare/kicks on them. but it is a waste of time? or are these valuable elements in a studio? i...
  8. P

    Soundcraft fx 8 or fx 16 for my Otari 8 track reel to reel?

    Hi all, I have finally narrowed down the tpe of mixer that I want to purchase. THe only problem I have now is deciding whether I need to 8 channel Soundcraft fx 8 or the Soundcraft 16 channel fx 16 for my 8 track Otari reel to reel. I am mainly concerned with the ability or inability to record...
  9. N

    HELP ! Tape Dillema - 1/2inch Otari 8 Track Vs 3M M79

    Hi There, I am really tearing my hair out on this issue. Maybe someone can give me some advice. I recently bought an Otari MX 5050, and have not yet used it. As time goes on, I am starting to convince myself that we need a 2" machine to get a 'Real tape Drum sound' as heard in 70's...
  10. N

    Otari MX 5050 Mk III 8trk Problem.... can you help?

    Hi All, This is my first message on this forum, until now I have been a passive member. There is a wealth of great info on here and some real knowledgeable folks! So here is my problem.... Can anybody help me? I have recently bought an Otari MX 5050 MK III 8 trk (without manual) and...
  11. A

    Can anyone tell me what an Otari MX70 8trk 1inch tape machine

  12. H

    Otari mastering r2r

    Any advice or opinions on an Otari MX7000 1/2" 2 trk recorder? :cool:
  13. M

    Any Opinions on an Otari MX70 1" 8 track?

    I have a chance to pick one of these up locally for a great price from a trusted source, but I've never used/heard one yet. Anyone have any experience/comments about this machine? I am only familiar w/ the MTR series. Any similarities sonically? This is just for home use (right now I've got...
  14. anonymous

    Anyone an Otari expert?

    I have a 16 track MTR90 MKII, one of the tracks wont erase. Now I checked the Erase current and I cant get over 1 volt p-p off of it when all the other cards can push 3 volts p-p or more. If I push it it distorts. I have traced it down to a general area but am at a loss in terms of which...
  15. B

    Anyone redone an Otari's electronics

    I have an old MX-5050 8shd 1/2" 8 track and was wondering about redoing the electronics to improve it. I've got the full schematics for the unit, and it's the earlier modular two-piece unit with the record/reproduce electronics in pairs in a seperate rack from the transport, so it'll be easy to...