1. N

    High Pitch Noise

    Hello, I've recently purchased some cheap budget recording equipment just to lay down some demos and what not. I have the Lexicon Alpha, Cubase LE5 that came with it, and a dynamic mic. I plug the lexicon in and turn up the line 2/mic channel, I hear a faint high pitch ring. I plug in the xlr...
  2. DonnyThompson

    Amazing perfect pitch

    This young man is amazing.
  3. ClarkJaman

    How does file conversion effect pitch?

    Hey ya'll! Long time no see. For the past year or two I haven't been doing much recording or spending time online, but the past few weeks have brought major changes to my life, so I hope to be around more. I'm living in Canada again, and I'm hoping to stay here for a while. Anyways... I guess...
  4. A

    Reducing high-pitched buzz, how to?

    An acoustic group I recorded was playing on stage in a room that didn't have the greatest lighting. The two main lights were high-wattage bulbs and hanging from low-rafters just above them and that high-pitched buzz noise from such bulbs is constant background noise throughout the recording...
  5. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Pitch shift for turning speaking voice into melody

    I use Nuendo. What is the most common method that people use to take someone's speaking voice and turn it into a melody for a song?
  6. E

    Pulling my hair out over high-pitched consistent noise...

    Hi all! I've spent hours upon hours trying to figure out this problem before breaking down and signing up so I could start my own "please help me" thread.. facepalm I'll try to keep the back-story short and concise.. I'm just getting into recording, doing stuff on the cheap for now and I...
  7. F

    m-audio fast track mkII high-pitched noise

    Hi to everyone! I'm getting a bit annoyed by the constant presence of a low high-piched noise every time I plug an instrument to my M-audio fast track mkII. every time I playback audio or use Sonar 8.3.1 to record, I hear this noise which would be bearable if only it DIDN'T get INTO the...
  8. J

    If anyone is good at pitch-correcting vox, and wants to make a few bucks

    Hi, An acquaintence of mine found a vocalist for his band, and apparently this guy is like most pop stars today, and can't sing in key. So, they are in need of some pitch correction. I have neither the time nor the patience, so if anyone around here has the tools and the know-how, and wants to...
  9. K

    Do all professional singers nowadays use a pitch control device?

    A guy on a guitar forum threw out a statement that "all pro singers live with their own guy on the board" and "all pro singers in pro studios use" pitch control devices now. As a pro singer for much of my life that makes me sad if true. Is it?
  10. A

    Keyboard pitchmatching software question.

    I'm looking for software that will do something along the lines of the following. I play a pitch on a keyboard that is connected to my computer via and audio in port. The piece of software takes the pitch and recreates the pitch through a utility like simple synth or garage band or Ableton...
  11. A

    (tuning)(pitch correction)

    Hello, this is the first time that i make a post in this forum so sorry if i am a bit ignorant: p. I use to practice with my band in the building of a recording studio. The point is that when we went to make a recording the sound engineer, or whatever you want to call him, was correcting the...
  12. ThirdBird

    Wanted: Free VST plugin for pitch/time stretch

    Any suggestions on a free vst plugin (compatible with sonar 8.5) to make a track sound like a record player slowly starting up or shutting down? That "yyiiiiierrrrp" kind of effect? Thanks for any help!
  13. P

    Midi Drums..Snare changing pitch

    So we laid down some drum tracks tonight. V-Kit--->M-Audio INterface--->Cubase 5 I went back after the session and ran the tracks through EZ Drummer (I know- that's all I have at the moment) and I notice the pitch of the snare changes throughout the tune. It actually sounds like it has...
  14. V

    Pitch Bending Distorted in Garageband

    Hi, newbie in many ways here. I am using Garageband to pitch bend an imported audio file. However, on some of them, even when I am only going down a half step, there is distortion in the sound. Basically, it sounds like intense vibrato in the piano or guitar. So, is there something I can...
  15. V

    link midi volume controller to pitch knob on fl studio

    Can anybody give me a step by step to link my keyboard volume knob to a pitch knob on fl studio? I've tried that whole link to controller thing, but the problem is that when i move the physical volume knob on my casio wk-110 midi keyboard i get no activity light in fl studio,The only thing that...
  16. V

    sampletank pitchwheel/fl studio9 help!!!!!

    okay my first problem is my pitch knob in fl studio does not work, it moves but no pitch change, the volume knobs work everything else, but not the pitch knob.okay so then i load sampletank in the step sequencer open fruity loops wrapper and put the port number to to 5 which is a free port then...
  17. audiokid

    (term) Pitch Bend

    A control message within the MIDI specification that changes the pitch of a synthesizer in response to the movement of a lever or pitch bend wheel. Plug-In An application that runs within a parent application and adds functionality. In digital audio, plug-ins have become ubiquitous, with...
  18. audiokid

    (term) Frequency

    In general terms, "frequency" is the rate (how often) at which something repeats. In acoustic terms, it is the rate at which sound waves repeat over time. The greater the number of repeats, the higher the frequency. And the higher the frequency, the higher the pitch of the tone that is...
  19. pbouldin

    Pitch Shift Question

    Hi, I'm assuming this is a rookie question - I'm working in Cubase and have a multiple track project and it was suggested that a vocalist "may" be a little flat and that I might try increasing her pitch. Also he mentioned it's done all the time. He's not been mixing but this is what he...
  20. S

    SONY Sound Forge: How to Adjust Pitch to a Backing Track?

    In SONY Sound Forge, I'm using the Pitch Bend effect to make many adjustments to a vocal track, but I need to SIMULTANEOUSLY listen to the backing instrumental track to ajust the vocal. How can I listen to 2 audio tracks at the same time while adjusting only one of them?