1. Misdom

    Proper Speaker Placement w/ Dimensions

    Here are the dimensions of the room I need to set up as a studio (pic link attached below). 10' 8" x 11' 10" (8ft ceiling) I have 2 KRK Powered Rockit 6's Can someone please tell me the technically proper dimensions I should place the speakers in the room, for the best flat response for the...
  2. Chris Perra

    Land of Ovehead Placements

    I did some testing of various Oh placements. My room has a low ceiling 6'3 and I find I'm getting some kind of weird comb filtering if I set up OH's to close to the ceiling even though it's completely dead, it's insulation with fabric over it.. not a deliberate treatment setup. Here's some...
  3. Kim Dela Cruz

    HELP! Best Mic Placement for an Acoustic Guitar

    Hi everyone, I'm new into recording stuff and for now I'm trying to record an acoustic guitar, though I find it hard to find the best placement of the microphone on it. I'm a using a condenser mic (Audio Technica AT2020). I saw Acoustic Sessions/Cover videos of artists on youtube that has some...
  4. J

    mic placement for recording an orchestra

    I am planning on recording a school orchestra recital and need some help deciding on a microphone setup. I've done live sound for decades, but have done practically nothing relating to orchestral recordings. I also have a limited selection of microphones to choose from. The end result will be...
  5. N

    Mic placement on a Cocktail set kick drum?

    I have a cocktail drum kit, with a tall, 15" barrel drum that stands upright and serves both as the kick and the floor tom. It has small air holes, but no mic port. The kit sounds great, and I can get a solid one-mic recording from it without problems. But I need to do some multi-mic setups, and...
  6. pcrecord

    Another mic placement article I found for drums (with samples

    [=""][/] It fun to have an audio reference to what a technic can sound like before you start testing it. ;)
  7. pcrecord

    Mic placements article with audio samples

    I found this today. Thought I'd share. Even if it's for guitars, the techniques still apply for other instruments
  8. T

    Great trick for demoing mic placement, etc.

    I'd like to share a great studio technique that I call the "echo demo". I hope you find it as useful as I have. How do you determine optimum mike placement? By ear, of course, but how do you hear just the recorded sound without any live sound? The big-budget answer: have your assistant...
  9. JoshHPMusic

    Room Placement of my Acoustic Treatment?

    Hello all, I just bought 9 pieces of rigid fiberglass board, 3# density (Johns Manville 814). 24"x48"x2". I have lots of acoustically transparent burlap to wrap the panels in, and mounting hardware, for walls, corners, and ceiling. So now the question is, how should I distribute it? I have 9...
  10. R

    Monitor placement & triangle size & monitor size for my apartment studio.

    Right now i'm set up like this. my room is 10 feet X 10 feet with 9 foot ceilings. 7feet between me and each speaker using [=""]Yorkville YSM1p[/] the speakers are 12 years old now, i've had one woofer reconed (still sounds pretty good)...
  11. N

    need help with unusual mic placement on a grand

    I work for a church, we're not recording but it does have to go into the board and sound good for services. My boss got 2- Crown PCC 160 Supercardioid Condenser Boundary Mics and wants them installed in our grand piano. The catch is he doesn't want them under the lid b/c cables were getting...
  12. B

    Recording opera vocals in tiny home studio - mic & placement suggestions

    I know, you're supposed to record opera singers in acoustically perfect concert halls, but I'm on a budget and all I have is my 8 x 10 home studio which doubles as both a control room and a live room. My goal is to record live vocals over pre-recorded orchestra karaoke tracks to famous soprano...
  13. G

    mic placement for orchestral band/chorus

    Hi all-newbie here with a question. My daughter's HS marching band also performs orchestral music (upper college and sometimes professional level pieces) at a local church sanctuary which is huge-seats about 3000. Next month the chorus will be doing the show along with the band. So I'm looking...
  14. L

    Just ordered PM0.4N monitor (room placement?)

    this will be my first legitimate pair of monitors so plz feel free to flame my choice as it is too late at this point for me to send em back... anyhow the reason I picked these over others was that everything I read about these said that they are nothing special but are very flat. hopefully they...
  15. jagsound

    Strangest microphone technique & placement

    What is the strangest place you have used to get that exact sound you or some producer was looking for. What place was it,closet,barn,Oven etc. and what did you use to get the sound?
  16. A

    Tilt and placement options for Genelec 8020A

    Hi, I have a pair of Genelec 8020A's but I guess I'm using them a little wrong way. Firstly, I was wondering if this is the right of their placement?
  17. H

    Mic Placement

    I was using this mic in a classroom. No carpet. Mic was about 4.5 feet from the bell of the trumpet. ADK Vienna Edition Cardioid True Condenser Microphone It was recorded on a macbook/DP6/Apogee Duet. I used a small amount of EQ and added a little bit (5%) reverb from the ProVerb on DP6...
  18. A

    Mic? Mic Placement?

    ok guys i have yet another question about john mayer ok i just want to now if anyone could possibly tell me what type of mic he may be using for his guitar in this.. i mean u dont have to say the name of the mic..(unless you want to )u can just tell me whether you think it responds well to...
  19. G

    Speaker/Monitor placement

    In Preparation for my new monitors arriving I moved my workstation to the other wall and set up shop there. My audio sounds so completely different now even before I set up the monitors. My speakers have down firing mid woofers and instead of bouncing off wood they now bounce off of glass...
  20. G

    Condenser Placement

    How come whenever I see a recording session in commercial/film whatever it always seems that the condensers for vocals are suspended upside down. I have come up with a few possibilities myself. 1. It helps accentuate certain frequencies. 2. It keeps the stand out of the way so the...