plate reverb

  1. kmetal

    UVI releases plate reverb.

    On my cheap-as-it-gets phone there are some pretty convincing (medium) room sounds especially on electric guitar. Other than that I have no idea what to this a sounds like. I do like the control set, and it seems pretty versatile (perhaps plain), and it's pretty cool how they developed it...
  2. DonnyThompson

    A Cool Interview with Bob Olhsson

    Hi gang :) I found a very cool interview with Bob Olhsson on YouTube, where he talks about ALL kinds of interesting things. Things like EMT Plate Reverb, Chamber, (both of which at the time were known as "echo", not "reverb"!) He also talks about things like the acoustics of the room; before...
  3. audiokid

    (term) Plate Reverb

    A plate reverb system uses an electromechanical transducer, similar to the driver in a loudspeaker, to create vibrations in a large plate of sheet metal. The plate’s motion is picked up by one or more contact microphones whose output is an audio signal which may be added to the original "dry"...
  4. Donna

    EMT 140 Stereo Plate Reverb Amplifier

    Hello. We purchased this EMT 140 Reverb Amplifier at an auction and purchased it "unseen" as it was wrapped and boxed and they would not allow anyone to take off the packing around the boxes to take a look at it. They auctioned it off as "large lot stereo equipment". When we finally found...
  5. A

    What Reverb fx, plate,hall or room ?

    Hi, I'd like to ask your opinion about reverb fx. When do I have to use plate, when hall and when room? Is it right to use different algorithms in a song, (for example rooms for guitar, hall for vocals?) If you use different reverbs, your mix will sound right? Thanks
  6. S

    EMT 140

    Hey all.... I've done a sweep of my EMT 140 for Space Designer & Altiverb 6. Originally I was thinking about offering process time on the plate for a nominal work fee....The IRs sound pretty good as well. Anyone interested ? (':lol:') email samples...
  7. H

    Tascam DV-RA1000 V.S studer D730 V.S EMT 986 V.S sony 3100

    Tascam DV-RA1000 V.S studer D730 V.S EMT 986 V.S sony 3100/D500 V.S Denon DN951-FA V.S marantz PMD 340 Which one is better for playback CD in term of produce accurate,musical and lively sound?
  8. A

    Question about plate reverbs?

    In a mix when setting up reverbs, are plate reverbs typically used as say an ambience reverb or as more of a spatial reverb to highlight specific tracks like the vocals or lead instruments? Respect!
  9. N

    Plate Reverb

    I'm using Pro Tools mix and am looking for a better reverb program than what I'm using, lexiverb. I'm looking for some good plate reverbs without buying an emt. Is the plate 140 by UAD any good? I've got the mix system, so I don't think altiverb would work on my system? I've got an...
  10. F

    plugin versus plate reverb

    so im just warndering after the recent thred on plate reverb is it worth it or can the digital reverbs do just as well?
  11. F

    plate or plugin reverb

    i do all my recording and mixing in the daw with a few out boards and with the recent post about the plate reverb i started thinking. is every one satisfied with the reverb plugins such as the WAVES suit, or is a plate still considerd the end all be all.(basicly should i condsider building one)
  12. S

    build your own plate reverb

    I wasn't sure where to put this, in techtalk or plugins lol,, thought best to put it here ,, cool link on building your own "plate reverb" (dead link removed) Sanity Inn
  13. M

    EMT 156 Stereo Compressor

    Anyone master with these? Opinions?
  14. C

    Plate Reverb parts / reasonable_guy

    I read a post on here from a while back by reasonable_guy pertaining to plate reverb parts. I tried to get in contact with him but was not successful. Does anyone know where I can get the necessary parts to build my own plate reverb or any other related info. Any help would be greatly...
  15. J

    EMT256 Compressor Circuit or info

    HI ALL In Virtual Land. Trying to hunt down some circuits for some very rear little beasts called a EMT256 II. One of the Powderfinger boys has bought a pair and would like to make them work again. If anyone has any info at all hiding in a draw somewhere please blow the dust of of it and place...
  16. S

    EMT 252 manual ?

    I'm looking for the manual of an EMT 252 Digital Reverb. Can anybody maybe copy this for me or give me a hint, where I can get a copy ? I have the version with the 250ies algorithms. Thanks a lot, Andreas
  17. T

    EMT 140 plate reverb chamber

    Hi, I'm looking for another reverb. And I'm just looking for opinions on this, before I get some rack-digi-multi-crap like everyone else. Like tape machines, it's probably going to be a pain in the ass, but will the result will be worth it? Or is this completely insane, I record in my...
  18. R

    Plate Reverbs

    Julian: This seems like the best place to post this. First I want to thank Recording .org for the banner, and the readers for the click thru's to my web page. I have seen a lot of interest in various forums for a plate reberberation system / kit. I have a company, Reasonable Alternatives...