1. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFx suite : Two point compressor

    Hi gang, Yet another video on Magix CoreFx Suite.. I'm getting through all the plugins slowly.. Doing those videos force me to learn the plugin better. I just hope I'm not annoying some of you with my posts.. Anyway something interesting in this one.. Tell me what you think !
  2. pcrecord

    MAgix CoreFX : delay !

    Hi, In this video I go deeper into Magix CoreFx delay plugin. Let me know what you think !
  3. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFX - Chorus and Flanger

    Hi, This is the first video that will cover, in deep, the effects included in Magix CoreFX. If you have questions or tests you would like me to do, feel free to ask !
  4. pcrecord

    My first look at Magix CoreFX

    Hi gang ! Hope you are all well and ready for the end of the year ! There is so many plugins available, let me know what you think of those and what tests would you want me to do in my next video about them..
  5. pcrecord

    A clear reason to run your DAW at higher sample rate ??

    Hi gang, I've been listening to this youtube channel for a few weeks and it's been twice that this subject as been discussed. In the video he clearly demonstrate a reason why you'd want to run at higher sample rate or carefully use plugins that has oversampling.. I hope to get your opinion...
  6. JoaoSpin

    Printing compression and EQ while tracking ITB

    Hi guys and girls, Hope you're having a good week. I think this is a pretty straightforward question. I can understand that you would want to track a sweet sounding outboard compressor on a vocal or acoustic guitar, or get a more focused sound with an outboard EQ coming in. The thing is, would...
  7. Student

    Digital Audio Fidelity; Between VST and Render

    Are VSTs within a DAW subject to any distortion while their digital audio is rendered in any way? I know some information of Analog-to-Digital Conversion and while still learning of such, I am also now wondering if there are any distortion matters in a digital-only realm. Conceptually...
  8. M

    useful FREE Plugins for Mixing & Mastering

    Hi, Any recommendations of FREE useful Plugins for Mixing & Mastering?
  9. audiokid

    panNoir Advanced Panning plugin from Merging Technologies

    In any recording where more than 1 microphone is used to record a source, PanNoir provides a completely unique solution to the correction of phase that will exist. Able to correct for the difference between stereo close and stereo room mics with an incredibly simple to use interface has...
  10. kmetal

    FXpansion pluggin/vsti company bought by Roli

    Another merger. Let's hope the best sounding (imho) virtual drums continue to keep the same quality level. Fingers crossed over here....
  11. kmetal

    Free DAW Plugins!

    Hey all figured I'd start a thread where we can post links to free plug-ins. That way everything is all in one place. I'm sure some of these will be limited time offers but at least it's all together. I'll start w this which is unfortunately only good till the end of today July 24 2016. It...
  12. Sean G

    Using Hardware Like Plug-ins In PreSonus Studio One

  13. paulears

    Vocoder VSTi for Cubase

    I'm just finishing a track for a show - Carpenters - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, and have a new respect for Richard Carpenter's orchestrations - as in it's taken me three days so far, two bars at a time to pull out what each instrument and voice is actually playing - but that bits...
  14. kmetal

    Effect of session sample rates vsti samples

    hey I've been looking into BFD 3 closely while its %50 off. When I looked on google someone in a forum said that BFD 3 samples were recorded at 44.1, so the computer has to re-sample in real time when your using it st any other sample rate in a session. I was under an assumption that the...
  15. G

    hardware synths vs vst/vsti?

    ok...I'm curious , I currently have a rack of samplers and synths, a carry over from my midi days... (aka 5000, Roland 550) and more. I'm curious to know since the computers are getting far more powerful, and the vst's are getting so good , who has migrated to vst solutions and has abandoned...
  16. I

    Take our piracy survey for a chance to win free plugins!

    Take our piracy survey for a chance to win: Melodyne Editor 2 PreSonus Studio One Artist PreSonus Studio One Professional Blue Cat MB-7 Mixer Synchro Arts VocALign Project 3 Nugen Audio ISL FabFilter Pro-DS Take the survey here
  17. Sean G

    PRESONUS STUDIO ONE: How to replace drums with no third party plugins

    I found this tutorial showing how to replace drums in SO without third party plug-ins... -It uses SO2 but the same applies to SO3
  18. DonnyThompson

    Fabfilter Plug-ins

    I know several members here on RO use them... and I can absolutely see ( hear) why. I had downloaded a trial version of their EQ last year, and I was knocked out by how "clean" it was. I don't know exactly how else to describe it, really, other than it allowed me to EQ tracks without them...
  19. pcrecord

    How many is too many plugins ?

    I was listening to Pensado's Place #224 on youtube and they got to a solo vocal to mix in 60 seconds. Thing is, 6min later he's still adding plug-inson the track and via buses.. I stopped the video right there and just started this thread. Man how many of you, just like me, went for hours on a...
  20. Antony

    Cubase 5 volume of some VSTs keeps going to 0

    This is a bit of an odd one. I had my system working fine for several years, then my PC motherboard died. I bought a replacement PC and re-installed everything. But I now have an odd problem. For SOME (but not all) VSTs, every so often (and this varies from 1 second to 10 minutes) the volume on...