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  1. Saddle

    Stuck on desert island.. Which VST will you take?

    I'm new to the digital recording world, and as you know, I'm lost in a sea of information about plugins. I never realized how MANY of them there are. My question is simple. If you were stuck with a basic DAW, and a hand full of plugins, which ones would you take with you? Lets put it in...
  2. T

    Any good popular Cakewalk Sonar synthesizers plug-ins?

    I just got Cakewalk Sonar 8 and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good synthesizers? I love automating synthesizers and making my guitars and bass sound crazy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. G

    Master Fader/PlugIn problem....

    I've got a quick query that has me scratching my head at home right now. Working with Pro Tools LE, I'm finishing off some stems for a film project, adding a bit of oomph with Oxford Inflator. I was inserting the Inflator plugin to the Master Fader, so it covers everything at the same...
  4. J


    Ok I'm in the process of buying and downloading plugins for Pro Tools M Powered 7.4. I found a program that can convert VSTs to RTAS. My question is which ones are for MIDI only??? Explain if someone can. How would i knw which ones are insturments and which are effects???
  5. A

    Universal Audio + Manley >>Plug-ins

    January 15th, 2009 http://www.sonicstate.com/news/2009/01/15/wnamm09-manley-har dware-as-plug-ins/
  6. S

    audio mixing plug-in for mac

    Has anyone ever used the TC Electronics Finalizer! I am a sing/songwriter and I send out demos that I have used the Finalizer on when I had an analog studio. Now that I have Logic 8 INSTALLED on an imac I am looking for a decent mixing/mastering plug-in.
  7. P

    melodyne plugin

    I currently have melodyne essential which came with my protools setup. I'm wanting to upgrade to something, either cre8, or plugin. Cre8 gives the option of doing many tracks at once giving the benefit of making harmonies without worrying about using the plugin on multiple tracks like you would...
  8. AKR

    Cubase LE plug-in info doesn't reflect directory change

    Weird problem. I just installed Cubase LE on my new computer, and I have changed my VST folder in plug-in information. At the top, it reflects the change, but in the list of VST's, A) it doesn't show any VST's except the Cubase factory plug-in's and B) in the VST list, it shows all of the...
  9. A

    Drum plugin (ideally VST) any suggestions?

    Hey, Im looking to buy a drum plugin (ideal VST as I use cubase). I currently use EZDrummer but ive been told several times that the drum sounds are letting me down. I really want whatever I buy to last me a while so im willing to spend quite a bit, id rather spend a bit on a good package to...
  10. W

    Antares Auto Tune VST

    Hi Ive been recording my own stuff at home for a few years now and im just starting to get a bit more serious with it. I use Adobe Audition 3.0 and I have just began using the Antares Auto Tune 4 plug in. My question is, is this an effect i should apply pre recording or can it be applied post...
  11. S

    Too many plugins per channel ?

    Hey folks, I wonder if anybody of you ever saw a good engineer using more than one EQ and Compressor at a time per track. Does it make sense to use a lot of EQ's in a track insertered in a row, e.g. 4 or 5 EQ's per track ? I often see engineers using only one EQ and one compressor on a track...
  12. D

    Help w/Mastering Plugin Purchase

    First, Thanks for all that can help. I have a $150 voucher for a UAD plug. I have a UAD card and currently own the Pultec, UAD Cambridge, 1176, LA2A, Fairchild, Precision Limiter, Plate 140, Dreamverb and Realverb, and Precision EQ. I currently mix a lot of rock (punk mostly) that needs...
  13. C


    I use Cubase LE and I was wondering if I can use just my regular computer keyboard as a MIDI channel 1 for VSTs. Especially in using Absynth 4. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  14. B

    Beef up guitar with VST?

    So Im brand new to the home recording world. Im playing though an older 12 channel mackie mixer into a tascam US-224 interface. I thought I was golden when someone showed me guitar rig 3 and all of its amp modeling capabilities, but turns out your guitar doesn't sound good when its plugged...
  15. S

    Cubase VST plug-in help!

    Hi there I am currently operating Cubase SX3. It comes with a horde of plug-ins, plus I just downloaded the Fish Fillets plug-in (compression tools etc.). All the above plug-ins are sitting in the Vstplugins folder in the Cubase directory and appear in the Plug-in sub-menu under the Audio...
  16. R

    Hardware Plug-in Player ?

    Hi to everyone, This is my first thread and it is my first night in the forum... I need your help. I saw a hardware plug-in player ad in a magazine or in HC's main page couple of weeks ago. I belive its up coming or just released. Its not Muse Reaserch's Receptor. Its something...
  17. anonymous

    Essential PT’s LE Plug-ins

    There is a plethora of plug-ins out there for pro-tools LE users to wade through, some of them are very useful and creative and some are not. Here’s a list of my “must have” plug-ins. The ones that I feel are indispensable and that I use on almost every session. Please feel free to add to...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] In need of MIDI and VST assistance!!

    First and foremost.. I go by the name, Caj. Would just like to introduce myself since this is my first post... I'd like to thank you all in advance for sharing your knowledge with me. Anyhow.. I need some help... I just got a midi keyboard... It's a Korg Triton ProX it's connected to my...
  19. A

    Recording Software Plugins (from Sonar to Third Party) Help?

    I am currently using Sonar. I have only used there included plugins. I like the plugins that are that (EQ, compression, etc.) but I wish there was more. Like a de-esser, autotune, etc. Does Logic or Cubase have more/better plugins compared to Sonar? What third party company makes the...
  20. M

    frequency analyzer plugin for protools

    any good free ones out there?