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  1. JohnTodd

    Using VST live without a laptop

    Hi! Has anyone invented a pedalboard for guitar that runs VST plugins? I've got great tones for my recordings using VST amps like Amplitube, but can't reproduce them live on stage because I can't run a VST. I saw the vPed. It looks great, but I can't get it here in the States. Hope I'm in...
  2. DigitaLWizarD

    Top 3 Best Built-In Plugins (and why?)

    1) AM|Munition - the best plugin of the world for mastering! There is no similar to this powerful tool! You can search but you will not find! 2) EQ116 - equalizers are essential both for mixing and for mastering, and this equalizer has enough filters to not disappoint anyone. The Linear phase...
  3. Anish Ashokan

    Plugin for Volume And Frequency Needed

    Hi guys , I'm looking for a plugin to use as an instrument tuning effect that displays the fundamental frequency for the note/pitch your playing at. Now this effect would use that number to control a volume knob that will turn the volume of the audio up and down in real time with the changes in...
  4. Space Man

    How can I tune a virtual instrument (vst/vsti)? Would like to tune to A444 hz

    Hello, I am currently using FL Studio (eventually would like to move on to Pro Tools). I am wondering, how can I tune a virtual instrument? I know standard tuning is A440 hz, however I would like to tune to A444. I am stuck on how to go about this. Comments much appreciated, thank you.
  5. Kurt Foster

    How much do you spend on DAW plugins and software

    how much have you spent on "plugs" and software ? how long do they work for you before you have to upgrade/ update them? and while we are at it .... what about computers? how often do you buy a new one? how often do you have to upgrade software? the real question is, what is the total...
  6. RJrules64

    How can I control ProTools 10 plugins with hardware?

    Hey everyone, I do a bit of recording as a hobby, so I use a lot of plug ins and VSTs etc. I'm getting tired of the tedious work required to adjust settings on the plug ins with the mouse. I have the Presonus faderport which has relieved me from using the mouse with the faders and pan knobs...
  7. damargeo

    is there a vst that can create this sound

    This string sound I have tried so many variations and I still can't nail, many forums later no one else can seem to either you can hear the string on it's own @1.23 State Of Grace - Not Over Yet (Trance Mix) 1993 - YouTube [="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IotuEVfHJac"]View...
  8. DonnyThompson

    Free VST from Eventide

    The Ultrachannel. Available as RTAS, AAX, VST. A nice channel strip plug from Eventide - EQ, Gate, Compression, De-esser, Stereo Delay, micro pitch tune. I've had a chance to play with it a little. Nice function, decent GUI, does what it claims. Free. No conditions. No demo limits, fully...
  9. ClarkJaman

    Favourite Octaver Plugin

    Hey guys! Long time no talk! I joined the navy, got a degree and went on tour this year, so I didn't have much time for recording. But I'm getting back into it this summer. :) What plugin do you guys use for octave doubling/tripling? I'm using the stock Cubase one on a bass guitar right now...
  10. killihu


    Customize your studio! Change the look of your plugins [="http://www.vstskins.com"]VSTskins.com[/]
  11. jmd87

    VST's dull I'm system :( any help would be great :)

    Hi, first of all I hope i have put this in the right place! Sorry If i haven't Basically we have a problem with our system It appears that we are loosing treble. We have an 16core Intel system with 48gb of RAM running on windows 7 with all updates. The interface we are using is an RME Raydat...
  12. kmetal

    Waves is giving away it's renessiance bass plugin for free this weekend only!

    whoa, just saw this add, downloading it as we speak. get it while is legit, and free!!!!!! http://www.waves.com/
  13. K

    Are There Any Harmony-Maker Plugins?

    Hey everyone. I understand that making (good) harmonies takes some effort. Groups like Modern Talking or Queen inspire me to play around a bit with vocal harmonies. Now, I tried doing it the manual way, but I was not too successful. Are there any plugins that will take a vocal track and make...
  14. S

    Multiband Distortion Plugin

    Hey guys I'm looking for a really comprehensive distortion/mangling plugin. Being able to isolate frequencies and process them differently without duplicating tracks is a must. I've been eyeballing Trash 2 from iZotope but I'm trying to weigh all my options. You guys know of anything like this...
  15. Q

    How to use the VST plug-in SideChain Gate/Expander

    Any help would be appreciated :-) I am trying to figure out how the side-chain portion of the gate works. The "manual" is useless, but I guess you get what you pay for :-O The problem is that I'm not sure how to "route" a signal to the side-chain input. By setting specific tracks in my DAW...
  16. X

    Non-Standard Autotune VST?

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin (VST) that will tune an audio source, not to a specific note, but to the pitch of another audio source? Say if I wanted to match the chorus of another vocalist, and for example: retain their unique vibrato? or match closer their singing style? I know of...
  17. D

    NOOBish questions about VST plugins (looking for an sfx plug for old SoundForge)

    Howdy. I am firing up my ancient SoundForge 6.0 facepalm again to doodle with some acoustic guitar audio and I thought it would be nice to have more sound-mutilation options than the standard ones I have. So... cheap, basic, hopefully easy, and compatible with this old program???... oh, and I...
  18. audiokid

    Universal audio releases spl twintube and sonnox oxford inflator plug-ins for uad pow

    UNIVERSAL AUDIO RELEASES SPL TWINTUBE AND SONNOX OXFORD INFLATOR PLUG-INS FOR UAD POWERED PLUG-INS PLATFORM — New Plug-Ins Developed by SPL and Sonnox Add Power, Warmth, and Presence to Any Mix — SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • May 7, 2013 — Universal Audio (UA), a leading manufacturer of...
  19. pcrecord

    analog emulation plugin for mix and mastering ?

    Ok, I know nothing can't beat the real thing. Thing is I don't have the money for a neve console or ssl outboard processing. So the question is, which plugin or plugin combination will bring me close to the real thing ? I usually record and mix modern music (pop, rock etc...) Now I got this...
  20. K

    Any Plugin Like VOCALIGN For Windows (besides Melodyne) ?

    Any VST's for Windows that align vocals/tracks?