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  1. G

    Use vst live

    It might be a good solution to use VST live: http://www.vped.net Loads up to 8 vst/vsti at a time, activated by foot switch. What do you think about?
  2. K

    Metronome VST (beats per minute)

    I'm looking for a metronome vst that does BEATS PER SECOND? Like on an electronic piano I use REAPER, and its metronome seems to only have one speed (?)
  3. K

    Piano VST bundle?

    I'm looking for a piano VST bundle that has +1000 different sounds (not just piano, but other instruments as well) Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. pcrecord

    Anyone found a VST3 adapter?

    Hi, I found vocalign 4 which seem to be a nice tool to align back vocals and post sync with video. Trouble is, the DAW I use (sonar X2) does'nt support VST3 yet. I've use Vst adapters before with succes, but I haven't found a Vst3 compatible yet.. Have you ? (for win7x64)
  5. B

    I got a vst plug in issue

    Ok I downloaded amplitude and a drum sampler, then put the .dll files in my vst plug in folder through steinberg and nothing!
  6. R

    Free MIDI VST - MIDI Shape Shifter

    Hey, I just released the beta for a Free MIDI VST I've been working on. You can use it to do MIDI mapping, generate/transform MIDI and just about anything else you'd want to do with MIDI. If anyone has time to try it out I'd really appreciate some feedback. midi-shape-shifter - MIDI VST...
  7. M

    Which Drive should VST's go on?

    Hello I have recently built a new home recording system. Its running great but before I install all my vsts and stuff I wanted to check which hdd to put which on. So far I have gone for OS and Daw on my SSD, I have another high speed SATA3 hdd for my audio writing, but where should I put my...
  8. C

    Cubase 5 - How to distinguish between a plugin and e.g. an FX

    Cubase 5 - How to distinguish between a plugin and e.g. an EDITOR I know there are plugins, but where do you see the pool of them in Cubase as is in FL Studio, and more importantly, and if I'm making any sense at all, How do you distinguish a Plugin (e.g. Wavelab?) from say an Editor...
  9. C

    Cubase 5 -- Best plugin/tweak for CROWD effect?

    In recording vocals, I'm looking to make a crowd effect such as the 'whoa' in Black Rob's song 'Whoa'. What plugins/tweaks/steps can I play with to realise this? Something like like short file I uploaded for this purpose ... Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. R

    Simple comparison of Cakewalk/Sonitus VST vs. Waves Renaissance Maxx

    Hi, I downloaded a Waves plugin package I'm thinking of getting. I didn't realize that they had anything available that didn't cost an arm and 2 legs. Someone else had an old post about waves plugins for $9. That got me looking at their website. I have never tried their plugins but they are a...
  11. audiokid

    Waves $9 plug-in

    Not that I use any wave plug-ins, it looks like they are having a $9 Year End Blowout deal until Dec 31 2012. Something must be up lol. Drive safely. (y) [="http://www.waves.com/lp/yearend/yearend.html?ref=ind"]Mix Better For Less | Waves[/]
  12. C

    Radio Junk - free vst lo-fi effects

    So I have an entry in the 2012 KVR Dev Challenge. Some people here might be familiar with my Nebula work, and this entry uses that tech in a standalone form known as Acqua (so you don't need Nebula). It's my first non-Nebula dependent anything, and when I actually first entered it into the...
  13. M

    1/3 octave spectrum analyzer plugin

    Hello. Anyone knows of 1/3 octave spectrum analyzer plugin. VST, RTAS, AAX, don't matter Thanks in advance
  14. audiokid

    Universal audio announces shadow hills mastering compressor plug-in, exclusively for

    UAD! looks like there will be no need to buy the real thing, its a plug-in now! And it looks real too! —Developed by UAD Direct Development Partner Brainworx, Shadow Hills Plug-In Offers Authentic Emulation of Highly Revered Hardware Mastering Compressor — SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • October 26...
  15. O

    A good recent VST instrument/synth/sampler pack?

    Hi I want to buy a decent and recent VST instrument/synth/sampler pack that has a good size library and some quality sounds I'm looking at Native Instruments Komplete 8, but I'm wondering.. are there any better/cheaper/smaller alternatives? I tried Komplete 7 and I thought FM8 (?) was good...
  16. N

    VST multiband compressor

    Hi! I've been searching for a free vst multiband compressor plugin for some time now but can't seem to find the one I'm looking for...I'll be using it for mastering in wavelab 6 and here are the features I would like for the compressor: 4 bands, 2 settings of frequency range/band, threshold...
  17. T

    Interesting Vst effects .

    I found these effects , they works good in Both REAPER and Audio-Mulch : [="http://www.numerisson.com/novaflash/fr.html"]NOVAFLASH : VST freeware[/]
  18. audiokid

    endorses of plug-ins

    Always makes me chuckle seeing endorses of plug-ins sitting at big analog consoles smiling.
  19. B

    EMERGENCY - Logic crashes on startup(plugin or memory?)

    Hey guys, how u doing? Need some urgent help. I'm working on a really important project, on a Snow leopard. So, yesterday we did some video edit, sound design etc, then we saved stuff etc, turned off the machine... When I tried to startup logic again at night, it showed that 'plugins missed'...
  20. H

    Folk instrument VST suggestions?

    hey guys, i'm working a pop folk tune, and i'm looking for some good VST instruments to spice up the already recorded track. I have Cubase's stock instruments, but i'm really not a fan :| any nice sounding folk style instruments or fiddles? :cool: