1. pcrecord

    What is the most important step of an audio production ? (poll)

    Assuming the musician performance is pristine. What would be the most important part of our job as audio engineer to get the best recording?
  2. DonnyThompson

    What sample rate do you use for recording?

    What is your "go-to" SR when multi tracking on your DAW? Feel free to post comments explaining your answer.
  3. DonnyThompson

    Poll - do you mix with or without a sub?

    This is a spin-off from my other thread, "Check the low end on this". I'm interested to find out just how many of my colleagues here on RO mix with - or without - a sub in their day to day monitoring. If you choose the answer "sometimes, it depends", please provide an explanation as to when...
  4. DonnyThompson

    Which Sample Rate do you most commonly use when recording?

    Which sampling rate do you most commonly use when recording? Please don't include mix projects which come to you where the SR is set by the client's project/files... I'm talking about when you begin recording a new project. along with your vote, comments -like bit resolution choices - are...
  5. DonnyThompson

    Poll - what instruments do you find the hardest to record and mix?

    I thought I'd start this poll, the motivation behind it being that we might discuss those problematic instruments, and share our own personal tips and tricks with them. Feel free to add any scenarios that I've overlooked... What say you?
  6. DonnyThompson

    Poll: Anyone interested in me posting mic pre samples

    I'm willing to post audio samples of various Input Tranformers and Op Amps on an ADK AP-1 mic pre, if anyone is interested. But I don't want to go through the time and effort of doing this if it's not of interest. ;) d.
  7. S

    Poll: vocal microphone shootout

    I'm looking for a new vocal microphone, and I could really use your help to figure out the one that works best on my voice. So I've set up a poll to see which mic people like most from my my shootout. I ran the mic shootout at the local recording studio, but I used my own Echo Audiofire Pre8...
  8. S

    Cheaper alternative to PollstarPro?

    Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to PollstarPro's expensive $399 membership? I'm an independent musician looking into finding clubs, managers and booking agents info so I can book gigs and tours with my band, but can't afford PollstarPro's expensive membership cost...
  9. E

    This is a poll for EQ plugins

    I have 4 basic EQ plugins; Bomb Factory EQ, Waves Renaisance EQ, Nomad Factory BT-PEQ322-3, and a Nomad Factory Studio Channel SC-226. I still like the Bomb Factory best. What do you like?
  10. BobRogers

    Poll: Do you mix with a mouse or control surface

    I made a guess in another thread that most people with "low cost" studios mixed with a mouse and automation rather than using some sort of control surface. Thought I would run a poll and see the reaction. Picked $50,000 for the "low cost" cutoff. Figured that would cover a lot of us. Me...
  11. A

    Poll: GTR plug-ins (VST, RTAS, TDM)

    Which is your favorite GTR Plug-in or which is the one you use most of the time:
  12. VonRocK

    Mac Virus Poll

    This is a poll for MAC only users, please.
  13. J

    Poll! Your PC components that works good with the FF 800?

    Hello, I am a very recent owner of the RME FF800. I know it works great 'cause I tested on a friend's computer. Having a problem of compatibility between my PC (growing old I acknowledge it) and this card , I will rebuilt a new PC and I would like to know which are the components which...
  14. C

    POLL: Would you like to see this feature in PRO TOOLS?

    Just curious how many of you would like to see quick 'bouncing' (exporting) of projects out of Pro Tools instead of their only option of 'Real Time' bouncing? Every DAW that I have seen on the market bounces mixes out much faster than 'real time'. Of course if it is loaded up with plug ins...
  15. S

    Poll - Get the MOTU Ultralite?

    Hi, Im SlimCognito of Poor Man's Productions. I am constantly on the edge of poverty and have but a small and modest basement setup. Im running my projects off of a quite efficient laptop. My question is about interfacing. Im using an M-Audio Mobile pre to do work on the laptop and its...
  16. S

    Best reverb plugin for vocals? POLL

    Best reverb plugin for vocals? POLL............
  17. D

    preamp poll for purchase next week

    Being in the UK I don't have access to the same range that are mentioned regularly and those that I do are at wildly differing prices. In my price range I have the following options to compliment my Rode K-2. Which of the above would you recommend? Primarily it will be for vocals but the more...
  18. D

    Bang for buck monitors! *Poll*

    I know everyone has different opinions and these aren't the best to choose from which is why I also left a space for others and then you can list it. I want to get the pair that seems to be the most liked by everyone if at all possible. I selected these because of the price range which is not...
  19. E

    Whcih comp. for mastering poll

    which comp.would you prefer for mastering?
  20. B

    POLL for RADAR users and other interested parties

    We are conducting a poll for a new RADAR editing feature on the iZ forum and we need more votes to get a large enough sample size. If there are any RADAR users lurking here or other interested parties I would appreciate it if you could cast a vote. Here is the link to the POLL...