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  1. P

    Tuning a snare electronically

    Hello, I'm a pop producer and most of the time use MIDI for my productions, especially my drums. There was a particular snare that I heard from a YouTube video online that I would like to learn how to duplicate on my own. Is there a way I can tune a similar sounding snare in Logic Pro to match...
  2. JoaoSpin

    Turning a rock mix into a more "commercial ready" one

    Hi guys and gals, Love this forum, always a gas to read the posts... need a little help today. I'm mixing an EP for my band and one of the songs is a love song and we want to make it into our worksong but the mix sounds too heavy. It isn't really that mellow a song but I think I can soften it...

    Recording Equipment used in Consumer pop music

    Hey everyone! Where could I figure out the equipment used in certain popular recordings topping the charts right now, without having to contact the label and finding the engineers/producers that worked on that particular project, etc. For instance, some of my favorite engineering and use of...