preamp levels

  1. vonrozen

    how to measure power of pre-amplification ?

    Dear Audio friends, a basic question : how do you measure how loud an audio preamp can go ? How loud it can pre-amplify the music ? Which is the value that I should be looking for ? Thank you very much . Kind Regards Alexander ( PS : background : I am trying to choose between the...

    Problem with new preamp.

    Ok, so I just went out and purchased my first Preamp. I've always milked everything out of the pretty decent preamp built into my 18i20 focusrite audio interface, but I realized it was time for something new. I bought the ISA one focusrite pre and the preamp offers more subtle definition, much...
  3. pcrecord

    Reasons to track at lower levels

    Hey guys, I know we've been discussing that in different threads over the years but I just thought we could do a fresh discussion to see if things have changed and put all our reflexions to a single thread. Beyong the obvious reasons of going over the digital limit of zero db many of us...