1. pcrecord

    My first look on the UK Sound 1173

    Hi gang ! I finally got time to finish and post my video on the 1173. Let me know what you think !!! ;)
  2. pcrecord

    Polarity vs Phase - Why do I need to know this? (video)

    Polarity vs Phase - Why do I need to know this ? Polarity and Phase are 2 things that anyone who does music production needs to master. Even if you only have a home studio, as soon as you start to use more than one microphone to record or if you are doing a lot of overdubs with the same...
  3. pcrecord

    Mixing with external gear with Samplitude Pro X5

    Mixing with external gear with Samplitude Pro X5 Thanks to jmizz15212 Films J-jigga for posting a question about using external gear while mixing. In this video I show how to use the FX send and receive fonction of Samplitude. (also available in previous versions Credits ...
  4. pcrecord

    Preamps : do we need them ? Cheap vs High-end

    In this video, I compared all my preamps with 2 different mics (Shure SM57 and T47 DIY kit) What many want to know is if an external preamp even the cheapest is better than those included in an interface. And how will they compare to highend preamps. So here it is, let me...
  5. DonnyThompson

    ISA Preamp

    Good morning, Mon Ami. @pcrecord A few questions... When you bought your Focusrite ISA One pre, did you also buy the optional digital I/O card for it? If so, are you happy with its conversion quality? If not, what converter are you currently using to get the signal from the Focusrite into your...
  6. M

    Presonus Firepod Replacement (Audio Interface or USB Mixer)

    Hi, Sad news! Just upgraded Mac OS to Sierra from Snow Leopard, then Presonus Firepod that served me right these years doesn't supported anymore (over latest OS). So, I'm looking for a replacement, whether Audio Interface OR USB Mixer! I'm here to seeking your precious suggestions, opinions...
  7. DonnyThompson

    Preamp Observation: advantages to clean, advantages to color

    I've used many preamps over the years that I've been recording and mixing, and while there are certainly still parts to the craft that I'm still learning - things I'm not sure of but pick-up on, as time passes and technology advances - and I have made a particular observation ... about preamps...
  8. Boswell

    Focusrite Red 8 Pre

    [=""]Here[/]'s another new peice of kit I would really like to try.
  9. pEEN M.

    Studio Esprit Master 2073 Dual Preamp, anyone?

    Hi everybody, Recent lurker, first time poster! Does anybody have any experience with this guy here? Good or bad? How is the EQ? How much would you pay for one?
  10. M

    ART Preamp or Channel Strip

    Hi, Any ART Pro Audio Users around? Will you recommended an ART Preamp or Channel Strip ?
  11. achase4u

    CAPI VP-28 DIY preamp review - clips included

    I first learned about CAPI gear on the forums. I was looking to dip my toes into the world of API sounds, not fully knowing what that meant. I had heard all the descriptors like punchy, forward mids, aggressive, tight, etc., but wanted to try it out for myself. So many great albums were done on...
  12. audiokid

    Lake People MIC-AMP F355

    Anyone ever try the Lake People MIC-AMP F355 micpre? Technical Data Inputs: 2, electr. balanced, 5 kohms Input CMRR: > 80 dB (@ 15 kHz / +60 dB) Max. input level: > +21 dBu ( > 33 dBu with pad) Gain coarse: 0 ... +66 dB (6 dB...
  13. kmetal

    Is the AEA rpq 2 a good all around choice for hybrid workflow?

    @audiokid @Boswell @everyone Having spec'd most of the new system I'm down to the summing section. The rolls folcrum seems like a great no nonsense box, that allows for creativity with color or transparency, because it's completely passive and requires a pre amp / make up gain stage. A gear...
  14. audiokid

    Universal Audio Releases the Chandler Limited Zener Limiter and A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay Plug-

    audiokid submitted a new resource: Universal Audio Releases the Chandler Limited Zener Limiter and A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay Plug- - Universal Audio is pleased to announce the release of UAD Software v9.0. Read more about this resource...
  15. Brother Junk

    Proper use of the preamps

    My converter and i/o is the Mbox Pro (3rd generation in case it matters) It uses the preamp if it's switched to Mic. It does not apply the preamp section with line inputs. I have a set of Roland TD-11's that have a line out, L/R. When I first set them up I got almost no volume at all. With...
  16. kmetal

    Warm Audio announced API 312 style pre amp!

    Oh man oh man, this could be good. Fingers crossed. @$1199 it's excellent per channel cost, got input And output xformers, and also an an output knob per channel, which could be useful when not only for good gain staging, but especially if these trannys overdrive pleasantly. Plus the op amps are...
  17. Prahas David Nafissian

    Battery / electric keyboard combo amp?

    Hi, I'm looking for the amp mentioned in the title. One person suggested a Roland kc110. Any other suggestions? Comments on the Roland? Thanks! --PDN
  18. D

    Can't record, interface not communicating with protools?

    Hello, First and foremost you need to know that I am the least techie sav person on the planet. Having said that, I have done my homework and trying to get my new pre amp with my compressor into the interface to work but for some reason when I go to record, I get a flat line in my track...
  19. J

    Help! Need NOT working Manley Voxbox and not only

    Hi guys. Need not working or burned out, or beyond repair or bad working: - Manley Voxbox -Manley Slam -dbx 162sl -universal audio 2192 -universal audio La-610 -TL Audio 5052 IVORY Willing to buy them for good money. Very urgently need them.
  20. pcrecord

    Apologies from the guy who said preamps don't matter

    How about that !! ;) Any thoughts ?