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  1. G

    Audio interfaces decisions decisions could use some direction

    Okay .. the readers digest version is I'm building a mini B studio ( studio A got moved to another location). This started as a hobby for me way back in 1988 ( boy have we come along way). It's still a hobby now and will be my retirement hobby after my girls finish university ( if there's any...
  2. W

    Warm audio / SSL preamps

    Hi...I have a presonus 192 interface with the xmax pre's, and have been looking at upgrading/getting other pre's for vocals and acoustic guitar. Looking at SSL, 4 pre's for $1700; Warm audio, 4 pre's around $1000 and others Daking, UA610,etc... same price range. My question really is has...
  3. DonnyThompson

    What sample rate do you use for recording?

    What is your "go-to" SR when multi tracking on your DAW? Feel free to post comments explaining your answer.
  4. K

    Steinberg's UR12 Maxed

    I have Steinberg's UR12 maxing my Prodipe TT1. Prodipe TT1 is a lovely sweet Shure sm57 clone. It does the job very well done. When I max TT1's gain i have noise in the background. Which is as we all well know is normal. My question is: 1 - I'm using my USB to both send data and power to...
  5. pEEN M.

    Studio Esprit Master 2073 Dual Preamp, anyone?

    Hi everybody, Recent lurker, first time poster! Does anybody have any experience with this guy here? Good or bad? How is the EQ? How much would you pay for one?
  6. S

    Help! Soundcraft cps275

    My cps275 +/- 17V light is not on, is it causing stop give the power to my console? I can see the lights on and off a sec when I shut down the cps275 on my console. Checked the fuse, doesn't seems like blew. Does anyone know what is happening?
  7. M

    ART Preamp or Channel Strip

    Hi, Any ART Pro Audio Users around? Will you recommended an ART Preamp or Channel Strip ?
  8. achase4u

    CAPI VP-28 DIY preamp review - clips included

    I first learned about CAPI gear on the forums. I was looking to dip my toes into the world of API sounds, not fully knowing what that meant. I had heard all the descriptors like punchy, forward mids, aggressive, tight, etc., but wanted to try it out for myself. So many great albums were done on...
  9. B

    Microphone not picking up audio/powering on AT2035 & Focusrite Scarlette Solo

    I just recently purchased some things on ebay, I got an Audio Technica at2035 and a focusrite scarlette solo. I plugged them into my computer, installed all neccesary drivers and the scarlett powers on fine and is fully recognized no problem. Now im not sure if the mic is even recieving power or...
  10. Davedog


    I thought I might post this simply because I was reminded a week or so ago that it's not ALWAYS going to be the "go to" mic that does the job. I have a bunch of mic choices. Lrg D condensers, sml D condensers, lrg D dynamics etc etc..AND a bunch of different mic pres to hook these up to. In...
  11. Marouane

    DSP choice

    Hello everybody, My application aims for Active Noise Cancellation, I have to use Microphones and a DSP to digitize the received signal then act on speakers to cancel the noise. Could you please help me on which criteria that i have to put into account in order to choose the right DSP, and...
  12. shredzelle

    Midas F32 - Windows 10 Firewire problem

    Hi. first ever post. the guitarist/sound guy in my band recently bought a Midas F32 console, and is having trouble connecting it to Protools via firewire. his laptop is running 64bit Windows 10, and he's connecting via 6 to 6 pin firewire cable. the Midas Firewire Control Panel program will pick...
  13. audiokid

    What is gain reduction on a compressor?

    Here is one answer: The amount of gain reduction is determined by ratio: a ratio of 4:1 means that if input level is 4 dB over the threshold, the output signal level is 1 dB over the threshold. The gain (level) has been reduced by 3 dB: Threshold = −10 dB.
  14. crystaldrone

    Recording with lower midi velocities

    Hello All, I am relatively new to recording and this looks like a good place to ask questions and talk to the pro people. I have been recording some of my own music and noticed that most of the vst instruments have sound so much better at lower midi velocities. And have a tone and attack at...
  15. Jeremy Dean

    Sibilance and Cables

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if mic cables can effect the amount of sibilance that comes through a mic. I recorded vocals for a song a few years back and the sibilance was pretty well controlled. The past two days I recorded the same vocal parts(re-doing a song) using the same mic...
  16. audiokid

    Telefunken elam251 ready to be assembled.

    Telefunken elam251 ready to be assembled. Doesn't this just make you drool. Beautiful layout.
  17. A

    AKG C414 XLS Vs Shure KSM44a Apollo preamp

    I am looking for a reliable workhorse microphone that will be used for 90% vocals. There will be both male and female vocalists focusing on pop and EDM. I will be running the mic through an apollo rack 8 and the room is nicely treated by gik acoustics. The problem is, I haven't been able to...
  18. audiokid

    Bricasti NEWS

    The M7 upgrade will be a for cost hardware upgrade.
  19. L

    Static/Background noise on MXL 770

    I'm using the MXL 770 along with the Behringer U-Phoria UM2. Now, the Behringer use to make a lot of noise until i updated a driver. I knew it was the audio interface since i disconnected the actual recorder from it, and the laptop still allowed me to record. Now after that problem is gone, i...
  20. P

    Microphone Identification Help?!

    I received these microphones with some other equipment I purchased and they all seem to have a ring where model information once was present and was wondering if there might be someone out there who could identify the Manufacturer/Model? The case they came in was not made for microphones which...