pro tools

  1. Norman Fernandez

    Pro Tools Setup

    If I get a Focusrite 18 in / out What are the other connections needed to Setup Pro Tools.
  2. T

    Help Upgrading Studio

    Need help on What I should Upgrade my set up to..Im willing to spend atleast 250$ max on each new Item current setup: PRO TOOLS 8 LE Audio Technica AT2020 SA ISO SOUND BACK GUARD Mackie Creative Reference CR3 2‑way Monitor Speakers MBOX MINI 3RD GEN Sennheiser HD 650 Over‑Ear Headphones All...
  3. Earthless

    Avid Artist Mix

    Can i use the avid/euphonic artist mix controller without an internet connection? I have been setting up a desktop pc/daw which ive decided to skip anything internet related and now im looking for a controller surface and want to get a second hand artist mix, but they only have an ethernet port.
  4. D

    ProTools 12 - Shortcuts Made Easy

    Hello everybody, in recent months I have been investing some time to find ways to speed up the creative processes within DAWs. I analyzed and developed some very interesting tricks for Pro Tools 12, which can save you much of the time taken to perform normal or complex functions, avoiding...
  5. K

    Pro Tools 12 MIDI - How To Add Pickup Notes?

    How can I add some pickup notes right before my entire track starts? Thanks in advance.
  6. Brother Junk

    Roland TD-11 and Pro Tools 10 volume problems

    Hi all, I have an 08 dual xeon Mac Pro running Pro Tools 10.3.1-ish. I use the Mbox Pro as an interface bc, well, I think it's alright, and I'm not large enough to need a rack mount. Using Roland TD-11's, running the 1/4" to 1/4" into channels 1 and 2 of the Mbox Pro, cranking the gains on...
  7. One Flight Up

    Editing Drums Tutorial

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share with you an article my buddy wrote which I've found very, very useful! He's a whiz at all things Pro Tools, and this is his guide to Drum Editing: [=""]Editing Drums[/] Do you guys have any tips or special techniques...
  8. niclaus

    protools plays back late

    Dear fellow members, This weekend i was tracking guitar and i came across something really weird. We overdubbed guitars over some drums track and while we were recording, every takes (well almost) sounded good and on time. But when we hit playback, everything was out of time... So i spent a...
  9. DonnyThompson

    Free Version Of Pro Tools available

    Don't shoot the messenger and don't flame out on me, either. This is simply a public service announcement. " Pro Tools First". And yes, it's free. No catch. Not a trial, either, it's fully functioning. A cursory reading of the description seemed...
  10. Gage Cottle

    Would really appreciate a Mix Critique

    Hello everyone, I am a new poster to the site, however, I am a long time follower! I recently got the Slate Mix/Master/FX bundle, and thought I would upload my first mix with the new plug ins. I would really love to hear some critiques and suggestions from other professionals within the...
  11. kmetal

    iPad control for Pro tools...finally!

    I'm excited about this.
  12. audiokid

    Take the 2015 Avid Brand Perceptions Survey

    Today I’d like to ask you to help us by [=""]taking our 2015 Avid brand perceptions survey[/]. The goal of this anonymous survey is to capture your views about Avid today and better understand where you’d like to see us take the company in the future...
  13. amadeustm

    Pro Tools vs Ableton: why so many differences in their methodology?

    hello everyone. i am a newbie into daw and audio production, but more used with [=""]Ableton[/] way of be. recently in my town i have decided to look for a intern job in a big studio we have here. there they use only Pro Tools. so i went study a little of it, installed...
  14. K

    Pro Tools 10 HD - Monitoring is happening twice/double

    Hey everyone I've been trying Pro Tools 10 HD and its Plugins etc. to be able to have my personal view on the DAW. As I'm recording vocals, I notice a double-effect in monitoring, but the recorded vocal track is not double. How can I disable Pro Tools Software monitoring? If it interests...
  15. audiokid

    AVID Pro Tools 12

    Avid today announced Pro Tools® 12, the next generation of the industry-standard digital audio software. Featuring new flexible licensing options, Pro Tools 12 delivers on Avid's commitment to customer choice, a key element of Avid Everywhere™. The company also announced new innovations to...
  16. K

    What can you do in Pro Tools that you cannot in REAPER?

    I've been using Reaper for years, and every now & then people attempt to brag that they use "Pro Tools", but I have yet to hear what is so significant about Pro Tools over a DAW like Reaper. Reaper is capable of everything that I need and much more that I don't need. (Now some might wonder...
  17. G

    Sync Alesis HR-16 w/Pro Tools as Click

    Hello All, I just found this forum. I am a professional studio musician (drummer). I want to use my Alesis HR-16 as a click track and have the tempo driven from Pro Tools. I've done this many times in the past but I don't know exactly how the engineer went about setting it up. The studio I...
  18. audiokid

    Pro Tools 11 new licensing policy

    What a joke. How long are people going to keep supporting this complete over rated rippoff. Glad I cut the chain long ago. [=""]Licensing[/]
  19. RJrules64

    How can I control ProTools 10 plugins with hardware?

    Hey everyone, I do a bit of recording as a hobby, so I use a lot of plug ins and VSTs etc. I'm getting tired of the tedious work required to adjust settings on the plug ins with the mouse. I have the Presonus faderport which has relieved me from using the mouse with the faders and pan knobs...
  20. audiokid

    Pro Tools tutorial: Export Audio Tips

    If you are sending your pro tools files to a mixer, this is what I would ask for. Any other exporting tutorials, please chime in and share your tips. Recorderman's tutorial on exporting Pro Tools to wave files. [=""]View...