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  1. M

    Pro Tools External HD issue

    So, I installed a Mbox2 Mini on a pc with vista 32bit as the OS, only to realize after I installed it that the pc doesn't have a firewire port on it for an external HD. Short of buying an actual pci card for the computer, is there a work around for this? I would just use a HD with USB 2.0...
  2. J

    Pro Tools or Logic/Garage band for Macbook Pro

    I want to start up my own portable recording studio using my macbook pro and wanted to know which software I should use and what equipment to get. I plan on recording voice and instrumental tracks, mainly for songwriting. My question is, should I go with an MBox2 bundle with Pro Tools LE or...
  3. P

    Beating Pro Tools with a mixer

    Hi, This is my first post. Hope you guys will be patient with me. My question is, i have invested in pro tools m powered, and now im wondering about what interface to buy. I think that I'd like the option of at least being able to try recording drums at home, if possible, but I'm a student, so...
  4. J

    Help with Pro Tools

    Hey guys, I have a digidesign mbox 2 mini which has been perfectly fine and working well for the past year or so. The other day I went to record some guitar through direct input. When I opened pro tools, and pressed record ready, immediately there was a full blast signal of static-like...
  5. unclejemima

    Protools Educational question...

    I started off with Protools 7.3 Academic, what then allowed a free upgrade to Protools 7.4 M-Powered Educational... and now I want to upgrade to Protools 8, but i'm unsure if there is even a Academic version for PT8. On the digidesign website, there is PT8 HD, PT8 LE, and PT8 M-powered as...
  6. P

    magix seq/samplitude 10 vs pro tools hd 3

    first i would like to say well im a new user here and i love the site its questions is if anybody used magix samplitude 10 i heard if you run it on a dual -quad core system- you would get better sound then a pro-tools hd3 system-so if anybody could help out before i spend 3000...
  7. B

    Getting signal from an outboard preamp to Pro Tools

    I am having trouble getting any signal from my Firestudio 26/26 to my Digi 003 control surface. I have it connected via a firewire cable plugged into the back of the 003, as well as lightpipe. The Firestudio CPL software recognizes that the preamp is connected, and even the Pro Tools Le software...
  8. K

    Pro Tools MIDI I/O isn't syncing up

    Hey all, I'm running Pro Tools HD 2, 7.4. My MIDI I/O has been really finicky as of late and will not sync up when I open Pro Tools. I'm going to head down there soon to try and troubleshoot the damn thing but I thought I'd ask around here first to try and get some idea on where to start or...
  9. audiokid

    migrating Pro Tools 24 mix to newer computer

    I'm wondering if I can still use my older mix 24 plus + ( core and 2 PCI cards and install them into a new computer. Right now the system is in my Mac 9600 running PT 5. I would like to upgrade the software to 7 or 8 for starters. Later on I plan on getting an HD system. If I don't have...
  10. R

    Pro tools worth it?

    im going to get a new Mbox audio interface that comes with pro tools soon, but i have never used pro tools before what exactly makes it worth using over lets say the free audacity? Is it worth getting?
  11. unclejemima

    Alesis IO26 and pro tools...

    Ah, it reminds me why sometimes I hate computers so much! All I want to do is record music, you would think that it is easy. I purchased an Alesis IO26 over 1 year ago. It has been collecting dust, getting ready for me to purchase software to run it. About 6 months ago my brother...
  12. M

    Cubase/Tascam/motu VS. Pro Tools/Digidesign

    Which do you choose? I'm debating on working with Pro tools and using a Digidesign C|24 as a control surface, and a 003 rack... Or going a cheaper route and using Cubase with a Tascam DM4800, and a motu interface I have had a little more experience with cubase, a little easier for me to...
  13. S

    protools hd3 vs me

    ok guys i need help..i have a macbook 2.4 ghz 4meg ram logic pro 8 apogee rosetta 800..and thousands more in gear..i still cant get the sound that i recorded through a protools hd3 system im stuck sending my tracks to a local studio and have them ran through his protool system to get them to...
  14. A

    Listening on protools

    Hi All, Please try to check the listening on protools,i have PT HD on Pc and Cubase SX 4.5 on the same pc,and i am using the Digidesign Asio for Cubase, means both output from the same hardware (I/O 192),same monitors,same level,now after i open 1 simple loop on PT i hear the loop more...
  15. S

    Pro Tools New Shortcut users

    Hey I'm new to Pro Tools and wanna know if you can get list of shortcuts anywhere? Or something to help me get out of the mould of Cubase!! Thanks Simon [/img]
  16. BradDFTM

    Looking to upgrade my Pro Tools rig

    I'm looking into picking up 2 Digidesign 96i/o interfaces. Does anyone know if there is something else I need to run HD (some sort of card, etc)? Right now I'm only running LE. Thanks!
  17. D

    digi 003 rack can't support dual smux?

    i am sad to find out that the 003 rack that i just purchased will only allow me to use 4 channels of my digimax FS at 96k because the 003 does not support dual smux. i would really like to have the opportunity to run 16 channels at 96k if at all possible but as of right now it's looking very...
  18. E

    Digi 001?

    Hi guys, this is my situation. I've been working for a while recording and producing. I've been at World Class and Garage class studios, done some Home Projects and my on Projects. I'm mounting a little Home Studio at my place to do some of the work I used to do at my studio until...
  19. T

    Digi 002 Help

    Does anyone know how to reset the eprom on a Digi002 console? As I recall, it was a matter of holding down a few buttons during power up but I'll be darned if I'm going to pay Digi $3/minute unless someone talks dirty to me. Thanks for your help!
  20. P

    Using Neumann TLM 103 D (Solution-D) with Digi 002

    Hi there! Has any one tested Newmann's TLM 103 D (Solution-D) microphone with the Digi 002. Please let me know how you have tested/ set it up. Please explain what are the options in connecting the MIC with Digi? and which one is best for quality. It looks like AES 42 receiver is required...