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  1. funnyguitarguy

    Pro Tools 10 Classes At Guitar Center

    The local Guitar Center in my area is having Pro Tools 10 classes. Has anyone gone to one of these classes? Are they any good?
  2. J

    Pro Tools beginner (and I mean BEGINNER)

    Do I need to have an interface connected to my computer in order to run PT10? I want to use PT10 primarily for editing audio that's ALREADY on my computer. NOT for recording (although I will be doing some of this). I just installed Pro Tools 10 last night on my MacBook Pro. I installed it...
  3. G

    Pro Tools 8 Sample Rate 48khz playing slow

    I've been recording in the studio at 48khz/24 on a mac running protools 9. I want to do some additional tracks at home on my Sony Viao Windows 7 running protools 8. I've tried opening the session and it gives me messages about plug-ins not available, that's ok, but then it is playing slow. So, I...
  4. FullEffect

    M-Powered Protools and Project Mix?

    This is more of a simple question. Will the M-Audio Project mix act as a dongle for M-Powered Protools. I use Cubase primarily, but if I can have a legitimate copy of Pro-Tools on my system, just to import sessions for/from my clients without having to spend any additional money on hardware...
  5. A

    The Pro Tools Generation

    Hey all, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but I think this will interest more people on this board than any of the others. I was over on The Recording Revolution today and read a post by Graham called "Embracing the Pro Tools Generation." The post isn't that long, so...
  6. B

    Graphics for pro tools 10?? Thats a bit pricey aint it?

    Hi to all. I'm just about to purchase my first big time interface and software ( Apogee ensemble& pro tool's 10) When checking the spec requirement for both these products I realized that I was gonna need something new to rum them off(bye bye laptop :( ) and bank account lol. I started off...
  7. R

    T-Racks 3 Deluxe running individual plugins in Pro Tools 6.9, Graphics problem

    Just bought T-Racks 3 Deluxe, it runs fine standalone but when i insert a single plugin on a Pro Tools Track some of the graphics are missing. The Ikmultimedia site FAQ says try setting graphics to 16 bit which i have done and if not try updating graphics driver which i will do, but if i can...
  8. R

    Have Pro Tools 6.9 considering buying Reason Essentials then Ugrade to Reason 6

    I have Pro Tools 6.9 (big latency issues!) just checked out reason esentials, looks like a top daw for not much money and has line 6 stuff in there too for my guitars, I have a Korg Triton but considering buying either: Oxygen 49 - 3rd Generation 49-Note USB Midi Keyboard or Impulse 25 USB...
  9. R

    More Preamps required for my Digi 002

    I am looking at buying an ADAT preamp rack to connect to my Digi 002 as i now need more preamps as am constantly patching cables. I need something that has 8 Mic/Line inputs and have looked at the Presonus digimax D8 but it has 8 XLR inputs (On the rear) and only 2 line inputs on the front...
  10. U

    Pro Tools 8 LE - Software question - New to recording

    Ok I have read, read, and read finally went out and bought some used equipment Digidesign 002 and Pro tools 8 le. What do I need to get the software to work? I believe it has been loaded on a previous PC, but the guy never uses it anymore and has since uninstalled it. Is there other items...
  11. E

    Reaper stock plugins vs Waves vs Pro Tools stock

    *posted this also another location on here. Sorry if i posted twice. really do not know where to ask this question at. I am investing in quality gear now since i have advanced in mixing and production. I simply have not tried any other mixing platform other...
  12. E

    Reaper stock plugins vs Waves vs Pro Tools stock plugins

    I am investing in quality gear now since i have advanced in mixing and production. I simply have not tried any other mixing platform other than Reaper and its stock plugins. I few free plugins by Modern: I really need a straight forward answer to this question: How do Reapers stock plugins...
  13. A

    Steinberg ur824 and Pro Tools 10

    Does anyone know if the Steinberg UR824 audio interface works with Pro Tools 10? Any speed issues?. Thanks
  14. S

    Pro Tools 8: No Mixers?

    Hey I got Pro Tools 8 LE--M box mini, and I'm comping vocals but I want to get a little mixer so muting and everything is so much easier. Went to guitar center and the guy tells me none of their mixers will work with pro tools--only pro tools 9 and 10 offer that option. I'm just confused--pro...
  15. S

    Pro Tools 10HD clean install or upgrade?

    I am in the dilemma of upgrading from Pro tools 7.4HD to 10HD. We currently have 2 rooms running 7.4 with HD2 accel on windows xp machines with the legacy 192's and sync I/O's. I would like to upgrade to 10HD with our existing hardware running on osx Lion systems. Besides the $, what...
  16. audiokid

    Pro Tools Tutorials

    Pro Tools Series: [=""]Pro Tools Shortcuts Best of - PUREMIX[/] [=""]Pro Tools: Feng Shui - PUREMIX[/]...
  17. K

    Pro Tools beginner needing HELP

    A friend of mine gave me pro tools 8 le because i wanted to start recording. What hardware do i need? and what can i use? I know about mbox's and m-audio interfaces, but there very highly priced. id like something that gives me a lot of control like the yamaha mg mixers or behringer mixers with...
  18. M

    Digi 002r and windows 7

    Is is possible to get a stand alone driver for the 002r? I've been searching but have't come up with anything. I just purchased one thinking I could use it with cakewalk. I can't seem to find any drivers that will load on windows 7. One more question does anyone know if the 002 will work with...
  19. C

    How to use Beat Detective in Pro tools without sucking the life ouf the performance

    Hi! Here is a link to a free protools tutorial about how to use beat detective to lock a performance to the grid while preserving its initial groove and feel: Enjoy!
  20. M

    Will i be able to set up a simple pro tools system with what you see here...?