pro x5

  1. pcrecord

    Mixing with Samplitude Pro X5 - (only included plugins)

    Mixing with Samplitude - You & Me & The Radio I've been doing this for a while. Once or twice a year, I like to download free tracks and mix them. It gives me a chance to adapt to different recording qualities and mind set. I mostly mix my own stuff, so I think it's a good exercise to do...
  2. pcrecord

    What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production

    What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production I've been ask in the comment of my youtube channel to do a video about this.. I'm happy that people gives me video ideas.. It shows interest and give me motivation to continue.. Here is one about side chain.. Let me know what you think ! ;)
  3. pcrecord

    Magix Samplitude Pro X4 - X5 : Signal flow

    Hey gang, yet another video, I just hope I'm not annoying RO members.. ;) This time, I explore the different options of signal path within Samplitude and through the audio interface.
  4. pcrecord

    Magix Samplitude Pro X 5 new feature : Comparisonic vs wave colors

    In this video I compare Comparisonic colors from Samplitude Pro X4 and the Wavecolor option from Samplitude Pro X5 This may seem like a futil tool but once you get used to it it's very usefull.. Specially if you record a song with a customer and don't know right away where choruses and verses...