1. E

    Improvising a PZM or boundary microphone

    Hi, I will be doing the sound recording for an upcoming "making of" of a large BluRay concert production. We want to be able to record as much talking amonst the artists as possible, whilst not disturbing them or their mood. For this project I will use a normal boom microphone where...
  2. S

    PZM Mic Advice. Wall Adhesive

    Hi, After 15 years in the garage, I just found an old pair of Radio Shack PZM mics I had forgotten about. I forget the details, but I seem to recall that they were like $30 ea and this version was considered -very- close to the pricey Crown models. I must've done -some- sort of wiring on the...
  3. audiokid

    (term) PZM

    Pressure Zone Microphone. Also know as a boundary microphone. The microphone consists of electret capsule mounted to a backing plate, which is then placed on any kind of flat surface. Useful for conferences, ambient microphones or for recording piano where isolation from other sources is...
  4. audiokid

    (term) Boundary

    Several approaches have been developed for effectively using a microphone in less-than-ideal acoustic spaces, which often suffer from excessive reflections from one or more of the surfaces (boundaries) that make up the space. If the microphone is placed in, or in very close proximity to...
  5. P

    Home made PZM?

    Having looked closely at the design of my 'Realistic' PZM I was wondering if anyone had tried mounting a small diaphram mic very close to a large flat surface or plate to obtain the same effect. Why? Firstly you could swap different mics, and secondly all the sig/noise benefits. I imagine...
  6. T

    PZM vs Large Dynamic

    What does a PZM mic do that a mic such as a beta 52 on the floor will not do?
  7. took-the-red-pill

    PZM's as overheads?

    G'day analoggers and numberjacks. So I was reading that PZM's have no proximity effect. I understand they also have no directionality to them. Therefore I was wondering if anyone had tried them in the role of drum overheads, and how they do in that capacity? Seems like you'd get a...
  8. H

    PZM's for drums?

    Hi folks, I'm new in here, and also totally new with recording. I recently bought a Yamaha AW16G( known better as "G") and am trying to record my band. Mostly I go in direct into the recorder (ie: guitar, bass, key's) but I'm trying out for the drums, 2 PZM's on left and right side of the...
  9. C

    'Optimus' PZM/boundary any good ?

    Sorry for this budget-question, but how useful is the boundary ('PZM') mic that Radio Shack has for US$39.99 ? It's the Optimus #33-3022. Since someone here will be visiting the US soon I was thinking about asking him to get me a pair...
  10. O


    If you only had 1 Crown PZM mic and were recording a 20-pc jazz orchestra (drums, bass, elec. gtr, piano, keys, perc, 4 trmpts, 5 trmbns, 5 saxes, LdSax, 2 LdVs and up to 8 BGVs) in a live setting.... ...where would you use the PZM? ...or would you use it at all? BTW - your PZM is NOT the...