1. Kurt Foster

    RADAR studio the "integrated audio appliance"

    [="http://www.soundonsound.com/news?NewsID=18007"]Here's[/] an interesting release. i know we have other threads on this and it's old news but the more i see it, the more i like about it. just think, OS, DAW of choice, plugs all in one [="http://www.izcorp.com/products/radar/"]TURN KEY[/]...
  2. audiokid


    "The finest recording system in the world" 2015: RADAR and Pro Tools in One Box iZ Technology Corporation announces RADAR studio (patent pending), the culmination of 25 years of audio engineering excellence. In addition to its best-in-class sonics, unparalleled build quality, and brilliant...
  3. P

    RADAR files to Cubase/Nuendo?

    Just got done tracking a project at another studio in Austin. They were using RADAR as their platform. I am wanting to get the individual tracks dumped down so that I might be able to import them into Cubase or Nuendo at my own studio so that I might create specific practice mixes for the...
  4. B

    POLL for RADAR users and other interested parties

    We are conducting a poll for a new RADAR editing feature on the iZ forum and we need more votes to get a large enough sample size. If there are any RADAR users lurking here or other interested parties I would appreciate it if you could cast a vote. Here is the link to the POLL...
  5. M

    Looking for RADAR equipped room in Baltimore

    Hi all One of my partners has to track some vocals in the Baltimore area in the next few weeks. We would like to find a RADAR equipped room to use for a few days - he can bring mics & pres if necessary. We are based in St. Thomas Virgin Islands and are actually the RADAR Dealer for the...
  6. M

    Radar Classic just arrived!!!

    I just had my Radar Classic delivered to my door today and I am really excited!!! The only problem is that the "package" does not include the needed cables! I am curious as to how many Radar customers here have had the same situation. The cables are not cheap and I am not sure how many I...
  7. M

    come track in our Radar studio in the Caribbean

    sorry bout that
  8. R

    sonar files to pt or radar>?

    i was recently in the studio and the engineer wanted my wav files or broadcast wav files to transport into pro tools and radar.im using sonar3 the only way i could give him wav file was to burn it track by track and give it to him that way im sure their is a easier way pleeease help.. studio...
  9. B

    radar converters 48k vs digi002 96k

    what sounds better radar at 48k vs digi002 at 96k
  10. A

    Import wav files to Radar 24

    Does any one know how to import wav files into Radar 24 Nyquist with the DVD RAM? I have a P4 with a Sony DRX-500ULX it can support DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW,DVD-RW etc. The Engineer with the RADAR says "It used to mean that his machine was incompatible with regular DVD discs. ....there is...
  11. M

    Radar II System

    Who's using or has ever worked with a Radar II system and knows something about the latest release for it. Think its 2.12. Just wondering if it's worth the purchase.
  12. S

    radar or D8B

    i'm looking for an upgrade to our studio, was thinking of the radar or the d8b bundled w/ HDR2496 Recorder. i need some serious help making this choice, i will still be dumping ot a NUENDO DAW for some editing thanks
  13. B

    Paris cheaper than RADAR.....

    On 27 Mar 2002 06:26 cram wrote: You may find that you can now afford RADAR. Watch our site today (http://www.recordingtheworld.com) for an exciting announcement about "RADAR 24 Project" It's a $5995 box with the "Classic" 48k cards that everyone has been raving about but cost reduced by using a...
  14. A

    Transfering Ptools to RADAR...???

    Can someone give me an idea what the best way to transfer tracks from Ptools to a RADAR Rig? Can this be done with some kind of file conversion? thanks.Craig ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. A

    transfering Ptools to RADAR..????

    Can someone give me an idea what the best way to transfer tracks from Ptools to a RADAR Rig? thanks.Craig
  16. R

    RADAR in Hollywood and NYC

    Hi, I haven't been around much lately, apologies. Some cool news from the recording the world front: RADAR 24 is being used as a multi-channel 192 kHz master recorder for re-releases of classic albums in the SACD and DVD-Audio format in both NYC and LA. Also DMT Rentals in L.A. who has been...
  17. D


    Radarlink between my RII and R24 is great, recording and editing feels like having a 48 track machine . But why can't I type tracknames 25-48 on the Session Contr.?? (only in Radarlink solomode) Also 'shutdown Radar' could be 'shutdown RadarS' in Radarlink. Moderators? thanks, ..deFrenz
  18. E

    HD Recorders: RADAR/TASCAM/Mackie?

    I originally posted this topic in the ProTalk forum, but am advised that hard disk recorders are seen as digital workstations here, so... I am considering moving from 2" to one of the new hard disk 24-track recording systems and am asking for anyone's opinions of the relative merits of the...
  19. Y

    Does Radar 24 have virtual tracks?

    All the HD systems approach this stuff differently. While I tend to go for a track being a track (as opposed to a region being a region or section or whatever), I do like the idea of such things as multiple UNDOs and virtual tracks. Does Radar have virtual tracks so that you can compose a track...
  20. Y

    Radar II / Radar 24 (Which -- does it matter?)

    I'm a little (make that a lot) confused as to the difference between Radar II and Radar 24. I know, from reputation, that the Radar system has a solid reputation for being solid, amongst those who are used to analog recording. I know Radar 24 has brought the price down, and uses BEos (actually...