1. G

    RF preventing me from using my home studio

    Just moved to a new apartament, set up my old gear in a new room and turns out that now I'm receiving an unbearable amount of Radio sign. I can even listen to what the Radio show is broadcasting. To explain the situation better, I'm going to list some info If I plug my microphone (condenser)...
  2. packrobottom

    RadioHell Mix critique

    new song I'm working on first listenable mix. Thoughts about anything welcome. mix definitely needs some work. But I want some fresh ears.
  3. V

    Radio Podcast Equipment

    Hey there! I've been doing a Podcast for a while now but recently I've decided to step up my game a bit and start a daily show, but I need more serious equipment and I don't really no much about these hardwares. I've been foolish enough to buy the Rode Podcaster, which as far as I know is a...
  4. audiokid

    Bobby Owsinski Interviews Roger Linn plus Pirate Radio is coming back.

    Bobby Owsinski talking about pirate radio, drums sounds, drum tuning, click tracks, headphone mix, and a very informative interview with Roger Linn. What a brilliant man.(y) The next new thing... Electronic Expressive Instruments Here is the interview...
  5. Tony Carpenter

    New mix - Radio Love

    Greetings all, Next job I wanted to do was remix the song Leigh and I wrote in 1998. Radio Love was recorded along with Eric Heydock on bass guitar and Ritzy members Peter Hughes and Mick Carroll on backing vocals. Also Eric's drummer at the time Mike Copson. Me on keys, guitars and lead...
  6. Tony Carpenter

    an interview on a local internet radio station

    Just thought I would say good morning :). Sitting here in cold (well sort of ) wet Houston. Catching up with e-mails. I have an interview on a local internet radio station apparently next week, exciting hey?. LOL. What's everyone else up to?. Tony
  7. audiokid

    Calgary radio station cuts songs in half to appeal to short attention spans

    Can you believe this, they say the youth, their audience wants more variety so they are chopping the songs to a minute thirty to fit the beat of their spin. Is radio turning into a night club DJ with ads? They use a third party chopper to trim the songs. The artist still gets paid (counted) but...
  8. packrobottom

    Am Radio Mix help

    New song I'm working on. I guess it's 70s sounding. Arranging/mix/critique appreciated. (Dead Link Removed)
  9. jscent

    Contact list for promotion - gigs & radio airplay in Japan

    Japan Music Promotion which offers promotion, marketing, and PR services for the Japanese music market, is pleased to announce new contact lists of Japanese music companies for music promotion in Japan. In order to help artists with an affordable self-promotion strategy for Japan, we have...
  10. audiokid

    The Sound of old TV and Radio

    Why do voices from old radio and Television sound out of pitch, tuned a few cents high? Did they purposely detune? I'm certain you could set the speed so I've always wondered this. Was it a fashionable trend? An effect the industry felt gave a "radio" sound?
  11. N

    Going Live with mixes / radio shows

    Is anybody here interested in programming online stations with the capability to go live with DJ sets, etc? It seems like a good way for DJ's and producers to program music they like mixed with their own tracks based on a 24/7 hour program mixed with live DJ sets thrown in whenever they please.
  12. kmetal

    is there a way to approximate radio processing

    is there any way to try to 'demo' the efx of radio/cable versions of final mixes? any way to estimate the effect?
  13. K

    Internet Radio Stream

    I live in Australia. I recently bought some hosting for a ShoutCast radio stream with a server in the UK. Naively, I thought that licensing would be a simple matter. When I looked in to it more closely, I realised that I have to get two different licenses for two different types in of copyright...
  14. S

    Radio signal coming through my preamp.

    What do i do to get rid of that? The landlord said that the power outlet was on its on circuit but apparently thats not the case.
  15. C

    Radio Junk - free vst lo-fi effects

    So I have an entry in the 2012 KVR Dev Challenge. Some people here might be familiar with my Nebula work, and this entry uses that tech in a standalone form known as Acqua (so you don't need Nebula). It's my first non-Nebula dependent anything, and when I actually first entered it into the...
  16. T

    Radio Ready Song vs Brick Wall version - Please help

    Hi, I’m a bit confused about the “radio ready song ” version vs the “brick wall” For today’s contemporary music you want to have your mastering levels compressed as much as you can, of course without distortion or clipping, then your wave file looks almost like a brick wall. Now, I’ve...
  17. 0

    Radio Drive Featuring Kevin Gullickson

    Radio Drive has just released a new CD titled “I Can See The World From Here”. Recorded and produced by Kevin Gullickson, this CD was mixed and mastered by the Grammy award winning talents of Gene Paul and the team at G&J Audio.
  18. R

    How set up Xenyx 802 mixer and Zoom h4n for podcast/radio sound

    Hi everyone! I've been pulling my hair out for hours trying to get a good radio/podcast sound from a Behringer Xenyx 802/1002 (I own both) going into a Zoom h4n. (I'm using a Heil PR40 XLR to the Behringer.) Last month I had my settings set up and it sounded great! If you're familiar with...
  19. B

    Subjective: (WHY)Does radio sound fatiguing?

    One thing I often notice when driving with people listening to the radio, and also occurs to me, is that lotta guys just can't stand listening to the commercials to the end. They just weave to other station wich is playing music, and so on. Same with TV. The ad breaks come with extremely high...
  20. L

    Radio quality!?!

    Hi.... I was just wondering how I can get a radio quality sound with the equipment I've got. Here's my list..... Presonus firestudio, sterling audio st69 vocal mic, vox guitar amp, drumagog, sonar home studio 4 and waves mercury bundle effects plugins. Do you think I can get radio quality stuff?