1. Brxdsky


    Dear Recording.org Community, I'd like to get the input of someone who has used Scarlett Mix Control on a 2nd Gen. Scarlett 18i20 to create monitor paths with the various analog outputs. I am currently seeking help from experts about audio interfaces and monitors. I work at a music studio that...
  2. Brxdsky

    mix critique First Post: New Audio Engineer

    This is my first post on the forums. Please excuse any mistakes I make. I am 19 a second year college student, pursuing my bachelors degree in Audio Engineering and a Live Sound Certification. As of May 2020, I began doing freelance mixing, with rates going for $10 per song. I figured since I'm...
  3. Student

    How do I make this Trap rising / falling synth effect sound?

    It's heard in some trap songs. I've heard young chop was the one to first design it, but I'm really not sure on that. I haven't been finding much information on it. I'm wanting to nearly exactly replicate it. Though, I'm not concerned about the water bubble noises, just the synth(s). If anybody...
  4. ftmatthowe

    recording rap

    I want to start recording rap vocals on some beats i have made, i want a professional sound, can anyone give me some tips/tricks ect, thanks heaps, (eg, reverb settings, delay, compression and how to mix it into the beats)
  5. W

    Rapper, microphones for Rap Vocals

    Hey everyone I'm Wade, I'm 15 and a rapper, My voice is on the deeper side, I'm looking for a <$500 Condenser Mic to record my vocals with. I have a pop filter, Blue Icicle preamp and a Vox Soundguard to accompany the mic. Also I have researched for countless hours reading forums and reviews and...
  6. M

    Questions about RAP vocals (PANNING, compression, etc..)

    Hey, this is my first post so i apologize if i sound like a noob. I'm still pretty new to recording and have cheap equipment but am surprised at how i can get it to sound... SO FAR. I have limited access to a computer so i can only check replies every few days if that. Anyways, onto the...
  7. Prezzy

    Would GREATLY appreciate some help with these rap vocals!

    So I've been recording these two fellows for awhile and was wanting some advice. I have been using audacity, with a Tascam US-144 and a RODE SM6 mic, shock mount, and RODE pop filter. Here is a song that has been recorded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wADv_IlpkM. I personally am not happy with...
  8. Prezzy

    Would really appreciate some help on these rap vocals!

    So I've been recording these two fellows for awhile and was wanting some advice. I have been using audacity, with a Tascam US-144 and a RODE SM6 mic, shock mount, and RODE pop filter. Here is a song that has been recorded [="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wADv_IlpkM"]YouTube - Damn It Feels...
  9. K

    Recording Rap Vocals Equipment question

    So I recorded my first song recently back in December '10 and I did it at my buddies setup that he has at his church. I moved and I no longer have that available to me, so I was thinking that I should just buy my own equipment and learn how to record on my own instead of having to go over to...
  10. M

    Rap Vocals and Setup?

    Hey everyone -- me and my friend record rap music, and for the past year or so we've been currently using the Samsung C01U USB Studio Condenser Mic. An enormous improvement over the built-in microphones on his computer! Just plug in to the USB port, and it's ready to record. But we're looking...
  11. S

    AT3035 or AT4040 for Rap vocals

    I will use the mic i buy onley for rap vocals. Now i heard great things bout 3035 but now i have a chance to buy 4040 to. Now my question is will it be that big diference if i would use it just for vocals? Cos if not i would rather buy 3035 and save fiev $ for something else... thank you
  12. M

    Stereo Vs Mono when recording rap vocals

    Hi there, I would like to know whether there's any difference between recording rap vocals in a stereo track versus recording it in a mono track. I record my rap vocals in mono tracks for no particular reason. Should i be doing it stereo? Mason
  13. P


    Hello, I'm setting up a home studio. I want to record rap vocals with the best possible microphone, pre, and sound card within my budget. I will be recording my rap vocals with the help of a sound engineer I am hiring. If you want to hear what my voice sounds like please visit...
  14. T

    Problem- Live Rap Vocals

    Hi there, My band use a fairly typical set up in terms of instruments (drum loops sampled, keyboard, clean guitar,bass) but are unusual when it comes to vocals (3 part harmony, lead vocal is a rapper/MC.) We still haven't managed to get the rap sound live as we would like; it really needs to...
  15. J

    Modern rap vocals

    Alright, i know i keep asking about these mics. I just dont want to buy one, and then have to return it. I'm looking for a mic, to be used for rap vocals. The 2 i have boiled it down to are the Audio Technica 4060, and the Soundelux u195. Which one do you guys sounds more like modern Rap...
  16. B

    Mbox Recording Rap Vocals

    I just got an MBox for PC and I got a MXL V67 mic. Whats the best way to record rap vocals? What are the best levels as some of my instrumentals come in close to 0db? Do I need an additional mic preamp/comps or are the Focusrite pre's and plug ins good enough? Also, I want the vocals to "sit"...
  17. A

    Rap Vocals Panning Advice..

    I have been doing some recording for a rap duo in ProTools and have some questions about proper panning techniques.. The vocals currently sound pretty decent, but I feel they can be much better and I think that it's in the panning or compression.. I currently use between 4-5 stacks and...
  18. F

    How I get the most out of my TubePre & Mbox? (Rap Vocals

    I am still a beginner with ProTools and recording in general. I have an Mbox, and have make some decent recordings, but I just picked up a PRESONUS TubePre and now I'm having a very tough time getting my vocals to sound right. : ( I have an Audio Technica AT3035 Condenser mic going into the...
  19. D

    How do you mix down Rap Vocals

    How do you mix down the vocals to make them stand out of the track,.,.,.. do you do a soft pan on the doulbes and center the adlibs or vice versa..