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    Would appreciate some overview on DAW PC rebuild

    Good morning! Newbie here. I'm not a musician. Just a PC enthusiast. Sorry. My friend's DAW PC went up in smoke. Here's a parts list: - Antec rack-mount chassis - Antec SP-450 PSU - ASUS P5L-VM1394 - 2GB Corsair RAM kit CM2 X 1024 - 5400C4 - Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 CPU heatsink -...
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    Finally going digital and rebuilding a home studio

    Well, I've finally taken the plunge into the digital world of recording. I've been happy using a Yamaha MT8X-II cassette based 8-track for years and hit the wall. After I recorded a beautiful performance of my improv band (me on sitar, 2 guitars and a hand-percussionist) with 2 Rode NT-1's in an...
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    Anyone here ever rebuild a mic?

    I have an Oktava MKL5000 and I've changed the valve several times. I have a further ten on their way from Ukraine that I want to try. Now with this particular mic, the 'skeletal' structure must be tightly screwed to tracks on the main circuit board, but after opening the mic so often, these...
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    80-8 - rebuild or junk it?

    Heya, A couple years ago I stupidly bid on a Tascam 80-8 + M30 rig on Ebay. Let's just say the 80-8 was beat by the time it got here. The reel tables were warped and the hubs broken. I should have fussed about that but I did buy it "as-is", so that was a $490 lesson. :( Anyway, it had so...
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    LA4 Rebuild?

    I've got a pair of LA4s which I'm looking to get rebuilt. I've been in contact with Alcatronics, but was wondering whether there are other shops I should be checking.