1. G

    Turn taper pot into linear pot?

    [=""]Fix for a Linear taper Pot[/] This site says that you can turn a linear pot into a taper pot by adding a resistor between the wiper and ground. Is it possible to emulate this the other way around? I have a taper tone pot and rather than replace the...
  2. G

    Alternative to Korg MR-1000?

    Hi recording people, I've been looking at the Korg MR-1000 for some time now to be used for portable recording purposes. It's a couple of years old by now, though, so was wondering if a better alternative has appeared? Sample rate is very important such as the 5.6 MHz 1-bit recording rate of...
  3. Tuck

    what is the best 1/2 inch tape

    what should I be using for a Fostex B16 and Tascam 48? ebay has so many weird options I dont know what to get. thanks
  4. A

    help, need your opinion: classical recording, alesis hd 24 VS daw and preamps

    hi, I do mostly classical recordings I use for the pourpose and ALESIS HD 24 with an analog mixer, I am thinking to buy a very good 8 channel preamp with adat lightpipe out to feed alesis hd 24. Since I have a macbook pro I was thinking to buy a product that could be used as stand alone preamp...
  5. J

    ADAT - Alesis Digital Audio Tape

    Originally an 8-track digital recorder, now shorthand for a digital transmission protocol Some content below is with permission of Wikipedia. ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) An eight track digital recorder developed and manufactured by the Alesis Corporation, employing modified videotape...
  6. R

    Converting Zoom MRS-1608 .dat files to .wav

    Hi all. A few months ago I recorded some tracks at a friends house on his Zoom MRS-1608. We went back and listened to them and they sounded pretty good, so I wanted to export them to my system for editing and to record new vocals. I know that there is an optional USB hookup on the Zoom, but my...
  7. B

    SOS::::leads for Uher REEL TO REEL!?

    I have a portable reel to reel by Uher, a 4000 Report - L...but can't seem to find a mic lead with the right input output connections. does anyone know of where i can get one? theres a 6 pin input socket which i assume is for the mic... cheers
  8. C

    A hardware multitrack recorder with some sequencing functionality?

    This is something I am looking for currently. A multitrack recorder with digital I/O and a sequencer to do production with. It needs to be able to record and replay via a multitrack digital interface such as USB or FireWire or eSATA. It also needs to have some type of control signal system...
  9. S

    connect roland vs 1880 to pc

    My dad has a roland vs1880 that he wants to connect to the pc so he can edit his tracks with a few more effect options. The problem is he does not really know what he is doing, he has bought reaper and a midi to usb lead. What leads and software will he need to connect to the pc and transfer...
  10. D

    Recording time on an Alesis HD24

    Hi! I'm new here, so I hope that this is the correct place for my question. I will be recording a live band in the near future, and will be multitracking onto an Alesis HD24. Having never used one of these units, my question is: how much recording time do you get? I'll be recording 16...
  11. G

    Which is best mini-disc or 256KHZ digital recorder?

    Hi! My interest is in making Binaural feild recordings. I have had great success using in-ear mirophones and an old min-disc recorder. It sounds quite stunning actually! However the mini-disc has its disadvantages (like being mechanically fragile, having to carry discs around, the fragility...
  12. A

    Difference between an Otari Mixing Console and an SSL system

    Nvm. No one ever helps here.'ve only made five posts and two of them were to insult me and call me names...... Good work if you can get it.
  13. B

    Roland VSR880 - to buy or not to buy

    Hello. We have a full analog studio but are getting eaten alive by the cost of reel tape (not to mention the long lead times to get the reels) and so want to convert to a digital recording set-up. We have the opportunity to purchase (at a very nice price) two Roland VSR880 rack mount systems...
  14. A

    Best Free Sound Recorder for MAC

    I don't run a MAC, but a fellow musician does. I'd like to help him get a free sound recorder up and running so he can capture audio on his MAC PC. Can anyone suggest a free program that would work best for him (OS X). I thought Audacity might make the list. I'm a Windows user running CDex...
  15. N

    H4n reviews

    Two thumbs up. External mic better than the Mini Boss thing. This was an extra 100 bux but well worth it reccomed for anyone in ethe 300 dollar range. Batteries seem to die fast though
  16. N

    Zoom H4n basic HELP!

    Hey guys, When I record something on my H4n I can get the levels to what seems the highest without distortion like 06 or osmething around there. or use the auto feature. I then record my trackmp3 and wav. I have the headphones plugged into the unit, and play the track back I can hear it...
  17. J

    Zoom H4N and MAC URGENT????

    I've spent about six hours on something that should be really simple, and I'm getting close to throwing this Zoom H4N out the window. I'm using a Zoom H4N I just purchased for field recording for a documentary. I've installed the software on my 2 macs (desktop + laptop), both operating on...
  18. J

    Wave Editor & SD7x recorders

    The newest Beta release of Audiofile Engineering's 'Wave Editor' (1.4.6b2 Nov 05 2009) now supports 'cue markers' from Sound Devices 7x series recorders (well at least my 702) For those of us that lament not being able to use the cue markers either on the unit itself, or in our Mac software...
  19. T

    Multi-Track Recorder for an O2R (Hard Drive)

    OK, so I bought 2 Yamaha digital consoles in 1998 (worked with them for about 6 years). Both 16 channels cascaded together. I've been using Tascam DA 88's and 38's for multi-track recording (digital tape). Now I want to move to a Hard Drive unit that will work with my O2R's. Any suggestions...
  20. fourone3

    Pro microcassette player?

    Not sure if this is under the Pro Audio Gear thread, so please feel free to move if necessary. Does anyone know if there is a 'pro' microcassette player out there? Maybe not pro, but I'm wondering if there is one that has a better output than a 2.5mm. Thanks :)