1. achase4u

    Interfacing problem between Roland Octa capture and Otari MX5050

    So I wanted to run some audio to my 1/4" tape machine. The Roland manual states that there are "audio outs" in the rear of the unit - they are balanced/unbalanced jacks 1/4". TS or TRS. I've used them before for headphone monitoring etc. The manual states 0DBu nominal level, so I suppose...
  2. achase4u

    Real Tape harmonics vs their emulations

    Lately, I have been trying to learn more about tape. I grew up listening to albums tracked to tape, but have only worked professionally in the DAW environment. There is a craze with tape plugins in the last several years - including Universal Audios Officially endorsed Studer A800 mkIII...
  3. audiokid

    Sound Devices - field recorders or mixdown capture devices

    I am really interested in a field recorder that will double for my remote acoustic services. . Looking at this company for a while, its giving me G.A.S.
  4. M

    Recorder for Telinga microphone offer(s) or advices

    Dear All, I have heard so much good about Sound Devices 7-seriers recorders, in the beginning I thought it was alot of hype, but I believe I´m starting to hear the difference of quality preamps... So to my question: I´m planning to either buy a MixedPRE or a used Sound Devices 702 to use with...
  5. Press


    Press submitted a new resource: [=""]MY RØDE REEL[/] - THE WORLD’S LARGEST SHORT FILM COMPETITION RETURNS BIGGER AND BETTER FOR 2015 [=""]Read more about this resource...[/]
  6. Kurt Foster

    RADAR studio the "integrated audio appliance"

    [=""]Here's[/] an interesting release. i know we have other threads on this and it's old news but the more i see it, the more i like about it. just think, OS, DAW of choice, plugs all in one [=""]TURN KEY[/]...
  7. P

    Alesis HD24XR, Fireface 800, track, mix, monitor

    Looking to get some help regarding my setup. I currently have an HD24XR, the digital outs are connected to the digital ins of the RME and so are the Ins. Total Mix controls the RME. I want to be able to record onto the hd24. When its full. transfer the tracks to reaper and mix. Issues I have...
  8. Omen

    VU build from a old tape deck.

    Hi! I pulled this nice set of VU meters from a old nakamichi tape deck. The deck powered up but I think the belt was shot. Any way I was going to build another set of VU's for a mate. I was stoked that I only had to unscrew two screws and the whole VU module popped out. I hooked up some power...
  9. R

    On the Go MultiTrack Recorder for Android?

    Anyone know of a good multitrack recorder for Android which you use? All I have is a basic idea recorder, single track, so I have to hum each part in a linear sequence. Makes it difficult to be creative when you listen to it that way so I'm looking for a good on the go four track or something so...
  10. audiokid


    "The finest recording system in the world" 2015: RADAR and Pro Tools in One Box iZ Technology Corporation announces RADAR studio (patent pending), the culmination of 25 years of audio engineering excellence. In addition to its best-in-class sonics, unparalleled build quality, and brilliant...
  11. H

    Help with Zoom H4n!

    I tried to record our live performance with Zoom H4n recorder, but I accidentally had wrong input on. Is there anything I can do?
  12. T

    Reel to Reel recorders

    I have, in the past, transferred both vinyl and cassette tape to digital files and I have a frien who asked if I could have some reel to reel tapes put on CDs, they are home recordings of her long deceased father, about a dozen 7 inch reels. Since I don't have and have never used reel to reel I...
  13. Eugene Bdot

    Home studio Mixtape

    I'd like to get some feedback, i kind of made this project in a rush for an upcoming show, it took about 3 weeks. I just wanted some feedback, so let me know! Deleted by moderator due to inappropriate language
  14. M

    Zoom H4n: Using two external mics for & mono mix

    Im Using Zoom H4n as a USB interface. I plug in two SM58 Mics in the two bottom inputs, and get sound from Input 1 on the left channel and Input 2 on the right channel. I'm trying really hard to figure out how to get sound from both inputs to come out of both channels. The only solution I...
  15. P

    Is the Zoom H6 linear enough below 20Hz or is there a HP filter?

    Hi! I'm condidering using the relatively low cost Zoom H6 recorder for low frequency vibration logging. As I understand it the device as Auto rec functionality that I can trim to start the recording when levels are higher than a specified value... that's all good. but... Does anybody know if...
  16. A

    Recording with H4n and external mic..

    Hi, I'm trying to use this microphone Sennheiser E865-S with the Handy recorder Zoom H4n which is supposed to give phantom power 24 or 48v. The microphone doesn't work. I'm using a cable with XLR on one side (that plugs into the microphone) and a 6.3mm (1/4inch) audio out on the other side...
  17. S

    Zoom H4n help - Disc reads as expired

    Hello all, I got one of these puppies a while back from my brother, and had been too busy to use it. Now, I'm trying to get it going with my MacBook so I can download and edit the audio files I've recorded. I installed the version of Cubase that comes along with the device, but it's telling me...
  18. pcrecord

    Wonder how those mics sounds : Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder

    I was scrolling down to bestbuy websites audio gear and I found this : Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder I Wonder how good the quality is.. [=""]View:[/]
  19. E

    Tascam Portastudio: Your Opinion and/or Experience

    Hi, I'm brand new on this board and just found it through a Google search. I'm new to home recording, so just dipping my toe in. It looks like I can get a used Tascam Portastudio DP-02 for around $100.00 on CL or eBay. I'm not an electric guitar player -- in fact, I don't even own one -- but...
  20. kmetal

    Tape/caulk added mass to floor deck? (General question)

    Hey all, I just have a general question about adding mass (drywall) to the underside of a floors deck, in the bays, as described in rods book (ed.1), which was a basement scenerio. Is in necessary to treat the seams where the new drywall sheets meet in any way? The is a detail for caulking the...