1. JakeAC5253

    Portable recorder for recording ambience/effects/wind noise? Some foley advice?

    I need a portable recording device for some light foley work where I would need to be outdoors or mobile. Sounds include banging and slamming sounds that would be dangerous to record indoors, ambient sounds like nature, rain, or speech in a social setting, and the sound of wind rushing. The...
  2. Klepper

    Help with early 1990's reel-Tape Audio Restoration (Reverb) of Vocal Speach with Izotope or AA

    I've cleaned up hundreds of hours of tape recordings, admittedly the easy stuff like humm, clicks, airplanes overhead, etc. So I'm still a totally nube, but I don't even know exactly what it's called when it's like the microphone is too close to their mouth and there is a reverb harshness to...
  3. DonnyThompson

    a "new" old tape deck

    A friend of mine called me yesterday... he had been helping a friend of his clean out the house of the friend's father who recently passed. He had called to ask me if I wanted an old R t R tape recorder that they found in a closet. I told him that I absolutely did, that I'd love to see what he...
  4. audiokid

    Ampex - a look into the past

  5. DonnyThompson

    Diggin' out the Studer

    I dug my B77 half track out of the closet this morning. All is well. I spun an old 2 track master on it this afternoon and to my ears, everything sounded fine, although I might give her a going over for bias and alignment this weekend, just to be sure. (what I found funny and was pleased with...
  6. A

    Zoom H4n compatible with USB 28/24 cable?

    Hi, this is my first post here. I hope you guys will bear with me and my probably very silly questions to you! I have a Zoom H4n and I've lost its mini-USB cable. I'm trying to find a replacement and came across the 28/24 awg cable, which I had never heard of before...
  7. S

    Trouble with ZOOM H6

    Hi, I hope one of you can help me out on this one. I was on a documentary set, where I work as a photographer AND sound guy. I used Zoom H6, so that I could have 4 microports. I only needed 2 that day. I was recording and hearing everything perfect through headphones, but after an hour or so I...
  8. C

    Sears reel to reel: Model 6249 Changed belts, spring attachment?

    Taking a gamble on anyone who may have this model. Changed the belts, did not pay attention to how the spring attached or what it was for, even have the pict diagram to the parts, but does not show how the spring attaches. You would think I could solve it with only a couple choices, but tried...
  9. M

    Tape box labels

    What can I do to make tape box labels, like the 2" and/or 1/2" tape reels. Where can I find them? Max
  10. M

    Is it possible to use the H4N to listen to a karaoke song while recording voice?

    Hello all, I recently bought the H4N and I'm more than happy with it. It's just great but I have a doubt. I would like to record some songs (karaoke versions) but I can't find a way to play the song in the H4N while using headphones so the mic doesn't pic up the song, and, at the same time...
  11. M

    Open Reel/Tape Box Labels

    What can I do to make/print open reel/tape box labels? I don't see any. Max
  12. F

    recording to analogue tape

    Which order do you advise when recording to analog tape, the following... The kick drum channel on the mixer would have a noise gate,compression and parametric linked in to the insert. I was going to do...out of the insert into the Eq into the compressor into the noise gate and back into the...
  13. C

    Craig reel to reel tape player runs too fast

    I have two, 212 Craig tape recorders that ran normal, until I used a 9v ac adaptor on both of them, & took out a component that makes it run in ff mode only, no play or rewind. The rewind goes to ff. I checked my universal ac adaptor, & it was actually giveing it 14v 500ma, when the specs called...
  14. M

    I want to upgrade an input of my Roland Vs2480... With an api 205 di

    1. Can I use the api 205 direct input module as a stand alone input?.. Granted i buy the chasse with the power supply... will turning down the input level of the VS2480, and turning up the gain on the api 205L be super effective? or not.... VS2480...
  15. G

    cymbal sound is muddy on Zoom H4n

    I am having trouble getting correct cymbal sound when using external mics with my H4n. The drums sound fine but the cymbal sound is muddy no matter what mic I use. HELP! I sure would appreciate an and all ideas. Thanks.
  16. D

    Zoom H4n + MXL 603s = Low Frequency "Bumps"

    I am just getting into sound and am very much a novice. I recently purchased a Zoom H4n and a pair of MXL 603s. I'm attempting to record a choir I'm in using this gear. I've made some test recordings and have also recorded a rehearsal. In these recordings I'm noticing a low frequency bumping...
  17. rmburrow

    HHB CDR830 recorder

    Anyone familiar with the HHB CDR830 recorder? The unit works well with the exception that the mic preamp overloads easily. Seems like the mic preamp was an afterthought. Does anyone have a schematic or has modified the internal mic preamp to get rid of the overload? Thanks in advance..
  18. audiokid

    H4n and the Bricasti M7

    An interesting comparison using a ZOOM H4N and the Bricasti (before vs after) in a mastering process.. I'm a Proud Dad. My 15 year old daughter playing the piano with the symphony last night. I used an H4N in the audience, took it home and ran it through the Bricasti - Amsterdam Hall. (I'll...
  19. C

    How to get rid of echo between mixer and recorder?

    Hello every one, i am new here because i was searching for people who are intrested in recording or dslr filming and audio to. I am now busy with finding the levels between my dslr camera (nikon d5100) and the Zoom R8. The problem where i walk against is that when i record with my mic the R8...
  20. L

    Revox A77 loose output ...

    Peace upon you all !! I am new to this forum ; I just bought a 2 tracks revoxA77 and i'm looking for informations online since RCA output CH1 doesn't seem to work, neither when playing a band, nor listening to my source... both inputs seem to work ( since vumetres are both working ) Headphone...