1. G

    Glynn Johns/Recorderman with SM58s?

    I don't have condenser mics, can expect decent results with two SM58s? Board is an M-308 into a Delta 44. Was planning on recording it dry.
  2. P

    Picture request: RecorderMan drum OHs setup

    I can't quite make the "RecorderMan" overheads setup for drums (Glyn Johns-inspired modified spaced pair) react like it's supposed to. I've seen lots of pictures on the web and the now-famous YouTube video, but nothing very detailed. If anyone who's had success with this setup could take...
  3. L

    Need microphone suggestions for RecorderMan method

    Hi.. I'm new here! Came here via a link to the RecorderMan method thread. Just starting out with this whole home recording studio thing, and I'd like to try out the RecorderMan method on my drums. But I need some suggestions for some microphones. I need a pair of microphones that I can use for...
  4. J

    How to avoid phase issues when using more than one mic?

    Below is a quote from "recorderman" Take a sm57 and a 451. (or a 57 and any other small diaphram /pencil style condenser). Put some head phones on. Hold them together so that they face the same way and the capsules are about even. In a normal voice talk into the both of them, alternately muting...
  5. M

    Recorderman or someone...

    Could you be so kind as to repost (for the millionth time!!!!!) the recoderman method for overhead drum mic placement. I've tried searching and have had little luck. Thanks in advance, -Migraine99
  6. D

    RecorderMan Budget Jazz Mic's

    Hey guys, Im new to the forums [posting, not reading :) ], and new to recording! Id first like to take the chance to thank everyone keeping this forum up and running, This is a great source of information... Ill be making my donation in the near future! As it's well deserved.. Moving on...
  7. C

    Where's Recorderman?

    I noticed he is not a moderator and has no recent posts...
  8. captaininvisible

    Drum overheads (The RM method) question For RM

    Does the Recorderman Method (© & TM, etc) work with hypercardioids? :D
  9. D

    RecorderMan overhead technique?

    people have mentioned that this is a good micing technique, but I can't find the thread it's in. can anybody help?
  10. tripnek

    RecorderMan, I thought you might get a "KICK"

    Yamaha SubKick Low Frequency Capture Device
  11. jdier

    RecorderMan Drum Choices

    (Dead Link Removed) (Dead Link Removed) And you can also hear [=""]samples[/] here. Look for a link to the "Dan Whitaker Country Band" So far everything I have done has been warming up for the recording of my project and I have a few very specific...
  12. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan's NS10 microphone

    Hey are some pictures of my NS10 Microphone. I went to a machine shop and had them add the bar that goes from one screw-hole over the magnet to the other one. This lets me mount it on a standard mic stand. Add this as a second mic to any other mic setup @ around -10db in level (at...
  13. C

    Recorderman's Drum O/H setup....

    I did my first major drum micing the other day and used Recorderman's technique.... I had a hard time getting the over the shoulder microphone to be the proper distance from the kick when using the mic cable to measure..any thoughts on achieving this would be cool. I was only using one heavy...
  14. V

    Question to Recorderman

    Hello! What you think of the X/Y for the O.Hs? I got an Neumann 69 fet - stereo Mic. Thanks
  15. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan's NS10 replacement......

    Just want to give my input to this seemingly important topic. I've been using a pair of : Yamaha - MSP5 Active Studio Monitor (YMSP5) that aproducer I work with picked up. In a word they're great on all acounts. They sound not too far from NS10's with a little more bottom that is...
  16. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan's Primer on TC

    Forgive any typos and kill me for anything wrong.......this is off the top of my head........ Here's what I know about TC (Time Code) Time code was developed in the late sixties by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Enigineers....SMPTE. there are really only four kinds of TC...
  17. B

    Phase/Time aligning drum tracks....Recorderman?

    Theres an interesting topic going on at the music player forum about this, especially this guy Jay stating that phase reversing all drum mics except the kick mic is a good thing.. Whats your opinion on the subject...
  18. S

    Drum micing/mics.

    I have to rent some mics to mic up a drum kit. I would like 2 room mics, 2 overheads, 2 snare, 2 bass drum, tom and hat mics. I have an AT 4050 some 57's and a d112 already. I would love some recommendations on some mics I can rent to fufill my needs. Hopefully nothing to esoteric or hard...
  19. audiokid

    Welcome RecorderMan as a new mod for this forum.

    RecorderMan is going to mod this forum now instead of the Producers forum. He is definitely suited for this area so at his request, he can call this home now! He will be replacing Dave McNair. Dave has been gone from RO for over (I think) 3 months, (can't get a hold of him :( ) and...
  20. audiokid

    Welcome Bill Roberts and RecorderMan!

    everyone, let's welcome RecorderMan, and Bill Roberts as our newest editions to The RO Team Of Moderators, Producers/Engineers/Hardware Forum. Guys like you are what makes RO so excellent! Looks like we have a pretty serious forum happening here now :eek: "Steve, Bill and...