recording acoustic guitars

  1. audiokid

    Recording Acoustic Guitar Youtube Examples

    Completely different everything however in general, which of these examples do you prefer and why? 1 2
  2. K

    acoustic guitar pickups sounds faded and quiet

    Hey guys, I'm not new to recording and mixing. But I've come across a problem with recording my guitar that's been frustrating the hell out of me. Okay, so first I'll run off the equipment I'm using: . Acoustic Guitar paired with a Seymour Duncan Woody pickup. . Mixcraft 7 . Behringer U-PHORIA...
  3. A

    mic for recording acoustic guitars

    Folks, Please can someone help me in the selection of an affordable (200- 300 $) mic for recording acoustic guitar at home. I am looking at AT4041 (SDC) Rode NT5 (SDC) Shure SM81 (SDC) I am also looking at some stereo SDC mics or any other affordable stereo mics. Would stereo...