repair help

  1. D

    How to repair Zoom h6 capsule?

    Hi, my left stereo channel of the zoom h6 capsule started with buzz sounds than it got worse with a hiss sound, then I opened it and realized that the cables was detached like in this picture I took today when I disassembled it. can you tell me how to solder it please? If you can draw on the...
  2. Link555

    LA4 repairs and Mods

    I have now repaired and Modded 4 LA4's for the same customer. VU repairs, matching the LDR's for stereo pairs, new opamps, recapping and general clean and lubing of the pots.
  3. C

    Vintage AMPEX 440 4 Track Recorder Problem

    I just got a 1967 Ampex 440 4 Track Recorder and it has one problem that I can't figure out. When I press the play button or any other button on the control panel it the does the same thing. The rewind motor goes into rewind mode and the take up reel goes into fast forward mode. So, it is...