1. audiokid

    RØDE TF-5 Premium Condenser Cardioids

    Introducing the RØDE TF-5 Premium Condenser Cardioids, Designed In Collaboration With Legendary Sound Engineer Tony Faulkner Introducing the RØDE TF-5 Premium Condenser Cardioids, Designed In Collaboration With Legendary Sound Engineer Tony Faulkner We are thrilled to introduce the RØDE TF-5...
  2. audiokid

    The VideoMic Me-L from RODE

    RØDE LAUNCHES THE VIDEOMIC ME-L FOR APPLE iOS DEVICES AT VIDCON 2018 June 21st 2018 PST, Vidcon, Anaheim California: RØDE Microphones, Australian pro audio giant, announces the release of the new VideoMic Me-L at the world’s largest online creators Expo, VidCon. The VideoMic Me-L is a...
  3. X

    New Rode VideMic Pro recording at lower-than-normal levels?

    I recently bought the Rode VideoMic Pro to couple with my Zoom H1 in order to obtain better and cleaner sound in my videos by recording the person's voice from up top, as close as I can get to the mouth, which is normally around 30-40 cm. However, I'm finding that at normal to...
  4. pcrecord

    Royer R-121, R-122 vs Rode NTR

    Has any of you compared the Royer's 121 or 122 to the Rode NTR ?
  5. audiokid

    Vocal Mic Shoot-out (Neumann,Blue,Rode,Audio-Technica,ADK,Shure)

  6. E

    Fast Track Solo And Rode NT1-A Microphone Problem

    I've owned three NT1-A microphones. The first one I had years ago worked fine on my Roland Quad-Capture audio interface. The past year I've used a AVID Fast Track Solo instead. I Have two different NT1-As now. The original that worked fine is gone. Both my current NT1-As have issues with the...
  7. M

    Quran Recording

    I'm looking to buy a mic. I'm only going to be using it to record "Quran" (I've attached a sample if you don't know what that is) I want a very good sounding mic, but don't need "the most professional, best studio mic ever" since I'm only using it for that one specific thing. i rather not spend...
  8. P

    Help with Rode NT2000 and setting up a studio.

    I have been doing amateurish recording for about 10 years. Never was solely dedicated to it, but I did take some courses in college for music production and engineering. As a hobby I would help some friends who sang or rapped work on some music. Always worked on making hip hop instrumentals as I...
  9. Dr. Fuse

    Rode M5 vs M-Audio Pulsar II (Cheapo Battle Royale!)

    I just did a mic test recording session at the local Tom Lee Music. Mics tested include: Neumann KM184, Neumann TLM 102, Audio-Technica AT4022, Rode NT2-A, and the Rode M5s. An eclectic and broad sampling, to be sure. The Neumanns were at the top, of course, the Rode surprised me for its silky...
  10. DonnyThompson

    New Rode Ribbon Mic

    Unwrapped at this year's NAMM, this new Ribbon mic from Rode is being proposed as one of the best new products this year. MSRP is $800. I have an engineer friend who has had a chance to hear it, he says it sounds gorgeous. (although there is apparently some concern about how thin the aluminum...
  11. vaibhav dewangan

    i have been using samson cO1 mic for my home studio, but i want to go for rode NT1a, is it cool???

    what's you guys say about rode nt1a??? as i am updating my home studio... experienced and experts please guide me!
  12. J

    Rode NT4 stereo mic for recording 2-3musician strings+percussion

    Hi I am a 1 man camera crew! (due to budget constraints) I want to record some musicians(percussion and-or string-guitar) in a small enclosed space( a music store actually). I was thinking of simply boom mounting a Rode NT4 stereo mic going straight into my Zoom H6. Opinions? Would a good...
  13. audiokid

    New RODE Mics Ariving

    Looks like RODE is taking advantage of that world class plant they built. New mics coming down the the pipe. thumb The New NT1 and M5 matched pair look really sweet. [=""]RØDE Microphones - M5 Matched Pair[/] [=""]RØDE...
  14. D

    Rode NT1 problem

    Hello, I've been using a Behringer B-1 for recording vocals for the past few years but some time ago, I invested in a Rode NT-1 which had been recommended by many. I'm sure it's an excellent microphone but I am having two regular problems with it. First, there are 'pops' everywhere - beginning...
  15. K

    Will Rode WSVM windsock fit snugly on a Sennheiser 416?

    I'm told by the Senn distributor there are currently no stocks of 416 windsocks. Rode's WSVM accessory windsock, compatible with the NTG1 & 2 and Videomic according to their website, looks like it might fit. However they don't seem to sell one compatible with the NTG3 which I gather is their...
  16. R

    Rode S1 and Sennheiser e865

    Hello friends I'm considering to purchase (vocal stage mic) supercardioid. It will be easy if I live in NY. B&H have big room of microphones when folks testing some of them before purchase. Unfortunately I can't go to NY because I live in Arkansas. And 99% of any purchase is online. I was...
  17. thrillscience

    Why is Rode NT4 (stereo) priced more than the matched pair of NT5?

    The capsules in the Rode NT4 and NT5 have identical specs, and every review I've seen says that the matched pair of NT5s, when mounted for coincident stereo recording sound identical to the NT4. So why is the NT4 priced 25% more than the NT5 Pair? I'd like to get a pair for recording...
  18. S

    Phantom Power mixing board for rode nt1a?

    I recently purchased a rode nt1a studio condensor mic. The interface I planned on using doesn't have phantom power and this was a mistake on my part. I do have a mixing board with phantom power, but it is typically used for live sound. If this would power the mic, I just need a usb adapter...
  19. P

    Alternatives to the Rode Videomic Pro

    Hi, I'm considering buying a Rode Videomic Pro to use with my DSLR but have heard that it's a bit flimsy and the shock mount requires regular adjustment. Can anyone recommend a better alternative? Thanks!
  20. ThirdBird

    Rode NT5 Matched Pair for $430 (ldc condensers)

    Rode NT5 Matched Pair for $430 (sdc condensers) Thoughts?