1. ChrisH

    Rode NT5s or NT1000s for drum overheads?

    Hi everyone, I can't decide in between a pair of NT5's or a pair of NT1000's for drum overheads. I use overheads as the main mics, I place them to pickup the boom of the toms, not just the cymbals. I'm looking for a big open sound. The price difference is not an issue.
  2. audiokid

    Go Behind the Scenes to Discover The RODE Difference

    Appropriate timing. A RODE Mic Press release just came in with a video tour of their factrory. Very impressive, you must check it out: Tour [=""]The RØDE Difference[/]
  3. audiokid

    RODE Classic II vs Neumann U87ai

    I just finished a comparison using my voice, which is a gravelly baritone. I've read much inconsistent reviews on the RODE Classic II so I had to find out for myself . I stacked it against a new Neumann U87ai which I love BTW. I used three of my Favourite Preamps Great River MP 2NV, Millennia...
  4. audiokid

    modding a RODE Classic II

    This is basically addressed to Dave / aamicrophones! Have you ever done a mod to the ? They have the NOS 6072 valve in them. Would you recommend anything done to it? If so, what could one expect as an improvement? Enjoying your posts BTW so I hope you...
  5. T

    Acoustic Sessions: Rode NT5s

    Hi guys! I've just purchased a Tascam US-122 MKII audio interface, two dead cats and a matched pair of Rode NT5s for recording via my laptop, hopefully outdoors. The reason for this is to have good audio for the videos i'll be filming on my canon 550d of various artists, for posting on...
  6. B


    Hi everyone, hope all is happy tracking. Was wondering if you had to choose between the Rode NT1's or NT5"s for overhead which you do cats prefer?
  7. K

    Rode NT1-A vs Perception 220

    Okaaaay so I recorded vocals for a song back in December at a buddy's set up (here is the song): [=""]YouTube - Standing in the Rain[/] And I recorded that with the Rode NT1-A. Now I was going to buy that mic, but it was all sold out at Sweetwater...
  8. M

    Rode NT1a

    Can someone here confirm the nasty internet rumor that the NT1a may be up for discontinuation pretty soon. :confused:
  9. W

    Rode NT2 Fault

    Hello, our well-used Rode NT2 condenser mic has developed a problem. When miking at low-levels it's fine in every way. But when we use it for vocals or high-pressure stuff it only works for a couple of minutes. Then the audio fades over a few seconds to be replaced with a fading-in loud hiss...
  10. M

    Rode NT5 vs Oktave MK-012 for overheads/acoustic guitar

    I'm trying to decide between the nt5's and the mk012, mp. I need something that I can also use on acoustic guitar and overheads, and some day I'll get a better SDC for acoustic guitars etc. But for now I need something that will work well with both. I heard the nt5's are a bit harsh on the...
  11. rainsong23

    Rode NT2-A, Audio Technica AT3035, Studio Project C1 or Sterling Audio ST55,66 etc?

    Hi, I'm in the market for a condenser mike and am trying to decide which one to get. I've read alot on here and reviews on musians friend and sweetwater about the ST55, 66 etc. Today I went to a music store and had the chance to listen to the Rode NT2-A and the AT3035. It seemed as if the AT was...
  12. audiokid

    Rode M1 vs Shure SM58

    Has anyone done a comparison between the RODE M1 and the Shure SM58?
  13. M

    I have a Rode NTK and am considering a Rode K2 for MS recording +. Any opinions?

    This is a slightly different take on the impossible question of "which Mic should I buy!" I already have a Rode NTK which I am quite happy with and have got some nice vocal and acoustic guitar recordings with it. I want to do some experimentation with MS recording and thought that the K2...
  14. audiokid

    Sennheiser MKH 416 vs. RODE NTG-3

    I'm going to get a shotgun mic and came across this pretty convincing comparison. I'm not looking for stellar audio here as I would be hiking around the streets with whatever I got. The NTG-3 does it for me What do you think?
  15. audiokid

    Best RODE mic

    Just curious what your favorite RODE mics are?
  16. B


    I have a matched pair of original RODE NT1's, and was impressed with the A/B comparison with the U87 after Michael Joy did his mod. I'm considering getting them bot modded by him and he said the will still remain closely a matched pair. Any input would be great, thanks
  17. Z

    I have a Rode NT3 mic and an imac , what else do I need to start recording? Novice

    I can get a copy of reason 5 and maybe record, but will probaly use ableton to begin with. I have no idea what I'm doing, if anyone's willing to offer some advice, I'm all ears.
  18. F

    samson CO3 / audio technica at2020 / Rode NT1

    I've been looking at these 3, they're at different prices here in Argentina. which one should I go for? the aim is to record mainly all-round vocals and an ocassional acoustic guitar in my home studio. I've got a mackie vlz-403 mixer with very good mic pres and phantom. any ideas? cheers!
  19. S

    Decent preamp for Rode NT1-A?

    I recently purchased a Rode NT1-A condenser mic. I've yet to receive it, but got it for a steal - the anniversary edition (mic, pouch, cable, shock mount, pop filter) for $165 brand new from the factory. I record through an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra. Could anyone recommend some decent...
  20. S

    C 414 B-XL II Vs Rode NTV (Shrill Vocalist)

    I'm recording a band with quite a shrill sounding vocalist. Its high, screamy, and screetchy. I have a C414 that goes through a Great River MP-1NV into a presonus interface into logic. I am considering getting something else to soften, and improve the week spots of the vocals. here is an...