1. G

    Which tubes can I use with a Rode K2?

    Guys, I know there's a few forum threads on this topic out there, but none of them quite answers my question. I want to try out a few different types of tubes to replace the standard 6922 tube inside my Rode K2. Do I need to replace this tube with the same type (i.e. 6922 aka ECC88) or can I...
  2. S

    Which Preamp in the $2-400 range for acoustic /vocal rec.should i buy for a Rode NTK

    Any advice would be appreciated. After reading some negative reviews for the Presonus Bluetube mic preamp, I decided against it. ART, do they make good preamps in your opinion? Thank-you.
  3. musician24

    Mic Preamp / channel strip for the RODE NTK

    Hello everyone, I ask you for one piece of advice. I need a mic preamp for RODE NTK. I would like to improve sound and reduce noise. Does anyone know which mic preamp would work out well? In view of finances, I am currently limited to a maximum of about $450 / 300 eur. I have a sound card M...
  4. bigshum

    SE3 vs Rode NT5

    Hello all, I am in the market to purchase a matched pair of condenser microphones. I do not have an incredible budget and have been looking around for mics that suit my needs. I already own an Audio Technica AT4040 and an AKG C1000s, which so far have provided me with satisfying results...
  5. N

    Signal noise ratio RODE NTG2 & AT AT875R

    Hello! I would like to know which shotgun mic is more noisy (self noise) in practise? Here are some specs: 1.AUDIO TECHNICA AT 875 R with signal noise ratio 74 db sensivity 30mv/pa 2. RODE NTG2 with signal noise ratio 76 db sensivity 15mv/pa Lets take look at...
  6. J

    RODE NTK or AKG C214?

    RODE NTK or AKG C214?
  7. M

    Rode NT2

    I get a very airy, flat, thin sound. Then again I have a horrible voice and I intended to use it for a girl, not a male. Does anyone own this? Is it just my novice EQ'ing skills? Thanks!
  8. J

    how good is the Rode NT1-A?

    How good is the Rode NT1-A? and what kind of equipment should I get, to gets its full potential?
  9. S

    Just bought a RODE NTK

    And it's awesome! Amazingly audible step up from the MXL that I had before (V-something, 67?). I recorded a demo track but it's probably to big to upload. Doh! My review of performance. Well let's just say that before when I was using the MXL, I would do a take and come back and listen...
  10. M

    RODE S1?

    What's with this mic? Is it even a good mic? Better than SM58? I'm going to use it for recording? Is it better or worse than the NT1A for recording? Thanks!
  11. M

    Rode NT1A?

    How good is this mic for vocals?
  12. J

    Ignore - Error on my part - Rode NT4 capsules

    I've been reading various posts here that talk about the NT5. Then it's further mentioned that the NT55 is a better choice as it has the same omni capsules as used by the NT5 AND has a nice set of cardioid capsules. I've also read that the NT55 cardioid capsules are the same as on the NT4. Here...
  13. I

    Bought a Rode K2 today...

    I've been shifting away from electronic music and working on more indie/shoegazey material as of late, and I've been fighting my vocal takes tooth and nail. I've been using a Neumann tlm-103 and have also tried an AT-4040 and the results have been less than spectacular. The 103 has been coming...
  14. C

    AKG vs Rode

    i can either get an AKG C2000B and a C100S or a Rode NT1A. any opinions / advice would be great.
  15. T

    Rode LDCs: NT2A vs NT1A vs NT1000

    Hi there, The question is quite obvious from the subject of the post: I'm looking to buy my first LDC, and was wondering which of the above was best. It will be used mainly for vocals - male and female - so it will have to be quite versatile. It would be great if I could use it for other...
  16. Carnyx

    Is the NT55 a good idea for micing a violin ?

    Hi guys, I need a mic to record my violin. Does anybody have any experience with the Rode NT55 ?
  17. B

    Mic Preamp for Rode NT2

    hi@all! I just want to know if there is a good mic preamp for a Rode NT2? Which is in a lower price level (max.up to 200 Euros) thanx kind regards Brascco
  18. A

    Neumann TLM103 or Rode K2?

    This might sound like a silly question (as i know Neumann mics are legendary microphones), but I am looking to buy a new mic for my studio. I have tried the Rode K2 and I really liked the sound of it on vocals, it sounded a much warmer than my SE electronics mic. But I don't know weather i...
  19. L

    Rode M3 condenser

    Hey guys, I am relatively new to the whole recording thing etc etc...... Anywho.... The mic i decided to buy was the new Rode m3 condenser mic. I was just wondering if anyone else has used this mic and can comment on its weakness, strengths etc. I have been using it for vocals and micing up...
  20. J

    Rode NT 1000 vs Shure KSM 27

    Which one is worth to buy and better for recording screaming vocal of Metal? thanks, James