1. K

    Rode NT2, too harsh?

    I'm down to the wire deciding on one good mic for my studio. I say 'one' because it's all I can afford at the moment, in the $400 range. I've done as much research as I can through mags and online resources and have eliminated all the models and narrowed it to 2 or 3. The primary use for...
  2. G

    NT1000 for drum overheads

    Good/bad idea? Haven't got the chance to try it out, maybe one of you guys did once? I'm after a heavy metal kinda drumsound. Now I got a pair of C1000's, but they suck... Maybe a pair of NT1000 would do a better job. I already got 1, maybe I should buy a second.
  3. R

    Rode NT1 phase

    This is a weird one. I have owned an NT1 for a few years now. Lately I've done a few sessions using this one and another one as stereo overheads on drums. Each time I didi this I had to reverse phase one of channels as they were obviously out of phase with each other. I thought it was...
  4. G

    EV RE-20 vs Rode

    I am working with a church that has an EV RE-20 and wants to record their soloists..mostly female. I suggested they get a Rode NT1, NT2, etc with better frequency response. The EV sounds thin and checking into the response I can see why. Isn't the RE-20 used mostly for bass drum? Anyone...
  5. C

    RODE NTV , NTK , SP T3

    Anyone tried these? I currently use a Neuman TLM103 which I like a lot but wish to add a new option. I was considering the BLUE Mouse, but these (Rode NTV or NTK and the SP T3) sound interesting. Or are they a step down from what I'm using. Mostly Male Vocal use.