rode classic ii

  1. audiokid

    RODE Classic II vs Neumann U87ai

    I just finished a comparison using my voice, which is a gravelly baritone. I've read much inconsistent reviews on the RODE Classic II so I had to find out for myself . I stacked it against a new Neumann U87ai which I love BTW. I used three of my Favourite Preamps Great River MP 2NV, Millennia...
  2. audiokid

    modding a RODE Classic II

    This is basically addressed to Dave / aamicrophones! Have you ever done a mod to the ? They have the NOS 6072 valve in them. Would you recommend anything done to it? If so, what could one expect as an improvement? Enjoying your posts BTW so I hope you...
  3. Groff

    Rode classic II need Pre

    Dear Sirs, I wonder if you could help me. I have Rode Classic II tube condenser mic, and looking for some high quality two channel mic preamp, up to 2000 $, for recording vocal and acoustic guitar. I am working mostly on pop-rock material, trying to achieve detailed, rich, "in your face"...
  4. M

    Rode Classic II

    Hi, I own a Rode Classic II Mic plus some NT5's and I wanted to get some opinions particularly about the Classic II. Since I don't have a lot of experience with microphones, I mostly work with keyboards (being a keyboard player) and I wanted to get some opinions from people who maybe have worked...