rode nt1000

  1. ChrisH

    Rode NT5s or NT1000s for drum overheads?

    Hi everyone, I can't decide in between a pair of NT5's or a pair of NT1000's for drum overheads. I use overheads as the main mics, I place them to pickup the boom of the toms, not just the cymbals. I'm looking for a big open sound. The price difference is not an issue.
  2. T

    Rode LDCs: NT2A vs NT1A vs NT1000

    Hi there, The question is quite obvious from the subject of the post: I'm looking to buy my first LDC, and was wondering which of the above was best. It will be used mainly for vocals - male and female - so it will have to be quite versatile. It would be great if I could use it for other...
  3. J

    NT1000 verses Hamburg

    Hi All, I'm thinking about getting a Rode Nt1000. I currently have an ADK Hamburg. I just have a small home studio, nothing great, just for my own demos, song writting aid, maybe put out a home studio quality CD at some point if I can pull a decent enough sound out. I'd probably make use...
  4. A

    Groove Tubes GT-55 vs. Rode NT1000

    Hi all, New to forum. Am songwriter/musician with home studio. Looking at a large diaphram studio condenser mic for $300. Any feedback on Groove Tubes GT-55 versus Rode NT-1000? My preamp is a Presonus Eureka. Main use for this mic will be vocals. Thanks, Aaron
  5. P

    Rode NT1000 on acoustic guitar

    Has anyone recorded acoustic guitar with a Rode NT1000? Any experiences? I've tried a little (Rode into Digi002 rack) but it sounds awful. Any tips on mic position, what kind of room, eq tips?
  6. T

    NT2-A or NT1000? my last decision

    Hello. I Have to buy a mic, and i am between those RODE: NT2A or NT1000?? Please, I hope for your advise, help!! =) Thanks.. Toni
  7. P

    Rode NT1000 vs ADK A51e

    Thinking of buying mics: Which is most value for the money (Swedish shop prices, approx prices): Rode NT1000 $260 ADK A51e $130 (For comparison Rode NTK $460 but that's a tube so I wouldn't like to compare them).
  8. O

    Rode NT1000

    Hi guys, I'm new on this forum. I've just bought Rode NT1000 mic and it would be good to hear your opinions about this mic. Do you have some advice for me or some tip? I recorded a few vocal tracks and I'm very satisfied, also recorded and one bass track (I know it isn't usuall) on my Gallien-...
  9. G

    NT1000 for drum overheads

    Good/bad idea? Haven't got the chance to try it out, maybe one of you guys did once? I'm after a heavy metal kinda drumsound. Now I got a pair of C1000's, but they suck... Maybe a pair of NT1000 would do a better job. I already got 1, maybe I should buy a second.