rode nt1a

  1. Smashh

    ANyone here modded a Rode NT1a

    Just thought Id see if anyone has modded a Rode NT1a If so . Was it an easy DIY ? I have one here that Id like to love more. I used it a lot when first bought and It helped me get some really harsh mixes through my daw. I would like to see it be more useable.
  2. E

    NT1a Maknig Weird Nosie When i Touch It What's Wrong?

    whenever i touch mic it has a weird ringing noise nt1a connected to a fast track solo connected to desktop pc. my mic has issues whats wrong with it. could be my setup not the mic? goes into a avid fast track solo. Happens with speakers and tv turned of still. I had a CAD M179 a few weeks ago...
  3. vaibhav dewangan

    i have been using samson cO1 mic for my home studio, but i want to go for rode NT1a, is it cool???

    what's you guys say about rode nt1a??? as i am updating my home studio... experienced and experts please guide me!
  4. S

    Phantom Power mixing board for rode nt1a?

    I recently purchased a rode nt1a studio condensor mic. The interface I planned on using doesn't have phantom power and this was a mistake on my part. I do have a mixing board with phantom power, but it is typically used for live sound. If this would power the mic, I just need a usb adapter...
  5. samcharles

    NT1A or NT2A for Indian Music

    I am an entry level into recording. And i would like to buy [=""]NT2-A[/] or [=""]NT1-A[/]. I am bascially do Indian Classical Recording. I want to use the mic for Male/Female Vocal and Choir. And the instruments is Tabla, flute...
  6. M

    Rode NT1a

    Can someone here confirm the nasty internet rumor that the NT1a may be up for discontinuation pretty soon. :confused:
  7. M

    Rode NT1A?

    How good is this mic for vocals?
  8. T

    Rode LDCs: NT2A vs NT1A vs NT1000

    Hi there, The question is quite obvious from the subject of the post: I'm looking to buy my first LDC, and was wondering which of the above was best. It will be used mainly for vocals - male and female - so it will have to be quite versatile. It would be great if I could use it for other...
  9. SASman

    RODE NT1A?

    Hi all, I hear a lot of differing opinion about this microphone. Some really like the mic and some don't. Some call it crystal clear and I have heard some suggest that it is thin and harsh sounding. I guess I need to hear one for myself but I would like some owners of this mic to let me...
  10. D

    Darker toned vocal mic to compliment NT1a and SP B1 $200?

    Hi. I'm looking for a new vocal mic to record a mezzo soprano gospel singer (Aretha Franklin style) because I found my Rode NT1a and Studio Projects to be a little harsh and brittle on the top end. I've narrowed my choice of mics down to these :- MXL V67g KEL HM-1 T.Bone RM700, Cascade...
  11. P

    Rode NT1A or Studio Projects C3

    hi there! Love these forums, helps me out big time. Now this one: I am doing voice over stuff and record via a Rode NT1A through a VTB1 hooked on a Finalizer. Now I wanto buy a Studio Projects C3 and use the same setup. Reason for buying the c3 is that I have heard a lot of good things...
  12. C

    warmer alternative to rode nt1a?

    hi all another vocal mic question: the rode nt1a sounds pretty good, and is just right for my price range ($2-300), but i would prefer something with a... warmer (?)... sound, a deeper sound perhaps. the rode is a bit too bright for my purposes? any suggestions, similar budget (mostly...
  13. D

    Is the NT2A better than the NT1A?

    Hello. I'm new here so I hope you'll favor me with your knowledge. I'm a home hobbiest and write Space/Dark/Ambient music for myself and friends in my bedroom studio. :D I'm looking for a good mic for vocal and sound effect recording and I'm trying to make a decision between two mics...