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  1. thrillscience

    Why is Rode NT4 (stereo) priced more than the matched pair of NT5?

    The capsules in the Rode NT4 and NT5 have identical specs, and every review I've seen says that the matched pair of NT5s, when mounted for coincident stereo recording sound identical to the NT4. So why is the NT4 priced 25% more than the NT5 Pair? I'd like to get a pair for recording...
  2. ThirdBird

    Rode NT5 Matched Pair for $430 (ldc condensers)

    Rode NT5 Matched Pair for $430 (sdc condensers) Thoughts?
  3. ChrisH

    Rode NT5s or NT1000s for drum overheads?

    Hi everyone, I can't decide in between a pair of NT5's or a pair of NT1000's for drum overheads. I use overheads as the main mics, I place them to pickup the boom of the toms, not just the cymbals. I'm looking for a big open sound. The price difference is not an issue.
  4. T

    Acoustic Sessions: Rode NT5s

    Hi guys! I've just purchased a Tascam US-122 MKII audio interface, two dead cats and a matched pair of Rode NT5s for recording via my laptop, hopefully outdoors. The reason for this is to have good audio for the videos i'll be filming on my canon 550d of various artists, for posting on...
  5. B


    Hi everyone, hope all is happy tracking. Was wondering if you had to choose between the Rode NT1's or NT5"s for overhead which you do cats prefer?
  6. M

    Rode NT5 vs Oktave MK-012 for overheads/acoustic guitar

    I'm trying to decide between the nt5's and the mk012, mp. I need something that I can also use on acoustic guitar and overheads, and some day I'll get a better SDC for acoustic guitars etc. But for now I need something that will work well with both. I heard the nt5's are a bit harsh on the...
  7. bigshum

    SE3 vs Rode NT5

    Hello all, I am in the market to purchase a matched pair of condenser microphones. I do not have an incredible budget and have been looking around for mics that suit my needs. I already own an Audio Technica AT4040 and an AKG C1000s, which so far have provided me with satisfying results...
  8. malamikigo

    Rode NT5's vs. Audio Technica 3031's

    as subject states. I'm considering either a pair of rode nt5's or a pair of AT3031's. Here in Vancouver canada, the prices are as follows for each: rodes: $495 for a stereo pair AT's: $199 a piece ($398 pair) So, the AT's are nearly a hundred bucks cheaper. I've read quite a few...
  9. RecordingNewb

    Peluso CEMC6 or Rode NT5? Purchase Advice

    hi all, i'm in the market for a pair of small diapragm mics, i'm wondering if anyone has advice regarding Rode NT5 vs. Peluso CEMC6. This will be my first pair of SDC's, so they need to be pretty versatile. Mainly acoustic guitar and drum overheads/room. from what i gather, most people love...
  10. droc8705

    SE Electronics SE1a's or Rode NT5's???

    i've been waiting to get my hands on a matched pair of SDCs for a while, but haven't been able to get anything yet due to my inability to choose a set and/or a budget. i think i've pretty much narrowed my pricerange down and i've gotten 2 sets of mics that i've looked at: se electronics se1a...
  11. B

    Studio Project C4's or Rode NT5's?

    Which would you rather go for, they are basically the same price around $400 for a pair? Any have them or used both? Will be using them for drum OH's and acoustic instruments.
  12. G

    NT5 or LDC as OH`s? Homestudio!

    Hi ppl... First of all, sorry for my bad english, i`m brazilian and i`ll try my best here! about next week, im buying my studio gear... but im still not sure about the overheads... reading some topics and reviews, i found that nt5 is a great mic pair to use as overheads... but searching...
  13. T

    Rode NT5's and phantom power

    I got a pair of NT5's and the other day i muted the 2 channels i wanted to connect them to, then i connected them, and then i turned the phantom power on and what i got was a trip back to the retailer where i got them and they traded them out for a new pair. Only one mic worked and the other i...
  14. S

    rode nt5 matched pair

    i know this topic has probably been done before but... ...i'm in the market for a set of small diaphram condensor mics to work as overheads/acoustic guitar/etc and looking to get a pair. are the rode nt5's a good starting point? if not, can i get any suggestions on other mics in this price...
  15. G

    Oktava MK012 -vs- Rode NT5

    Does anyone have comparison advise for these two condenser mics? I am looking for a pair, mainly to mic upright piano. As I live in Australia it is cheaper for me to buy NT5s though the reviews I have read seem to favour the MK012s.
  16. hudd

    Rode nt4 vs. nt5

    i was wondering what would be better for recording cymbals the nt4 or the nt5
  17. D

    Studio Projects C4 VS Rode NT5

    looking to purchase a pair of small condensers for mic'ing overheads and acoustic guitar - which pair would you choose, and why - or is there another pair in this price range that you'd recommend? thanks, brandon
  18. R

    Rode NT5 mics as drum kit overheads

    how do the Rode NT5 condensers fare as drum kit overhead mics?
  19. B

    C4 vs NT5...Kurt?

    Hey Kurt. You recently mentioned the Studio Project C4s in a different post. I was curious to get your opinion on how they compared to the Rode NT5s...on acoustic guitar, for example. --Brian Have a Happy New Year!!
  20. R

    Are NT5s tough?

    Hi folks It's festival time and I'm thinking about tossing my NT5s into the mic box. Anyone know if they can take a few bumps and bruses? This should probably be in the live forum but I'm hoping that more of you will see this post here. Time to load that truck. cheers Roly