room microphones

  1. pcrecord

    How to fake a BIG drum room - The right way !

    Not all of us have a big drum room but still wants to record real drums. This little tip will help simulate a room mic being far away in a big room... It works if you record with 1 or 2 room mic. Let me know how it works for you when you test it or if it's already this way that you do it !
  2. J

    Snare mic and hihat, drum room mics

    Hello all, When trying to gate a top snare mic in a song there are a few spots where the drummer was playing the hihat way too loud and I find it impossible to gate the snare mic in any fashion that does not either, ruin the snare sound or have the hihat bleeding through in only a few spots...
  3. Link555

    Time Aligning Room Mics?

    I was reading on the net, somebody suggested time aligning room mics. I had never done that before, as I always wanted the room sound. So I tried it, basically yes you do get more low end, but it sounds like the mic is in front of the kit, almost like you shrunk your room. My...
  4. anonymous

    Testing Different Room Mics

    I was testing different room mics tonight so I thought I would check with the guys to see what you liked. I will post what mics they are a bit later after we get some input.
  5. D

    Drum Room Mics Question

    I'm looking to try a stereo room mic set up on the drums for an up coming session I'm doing. Just wondering if anyone has expereience with this. I'm not sure weather to go with a coincident pair or a spaced pair. I don't have the ability to do a MS techniques. Your help would be much...
  6. H

    One or two room mics when recording drums???

    How many room mics are you guys using when recording a drumset ? where do you usually place them ? I was thinking of buying a Soundelux as a room mic and use my AKG 414 b/uls as overheads. r do you guys believe its better to use two U195s as overheads and the AKG's as room ? Thanks for the...
  7. H

    Do you use room mics to record drums ??

    If so ?? Where more or less do you place the mic or mics ? by this I mean distance from the source and from the floor. What mics do you use (brand & model) ? and how many. Do you use Omnis, figuer 8, cardiods ?? Thanks alot!! JP
  8. T

    Drums room mics - too much cymbal

    hello. I'm having an enormouse problem getting a drum sound at the moment. I generaly don't like to use too much close micing but end up having to because I can't deal with the noise from the cymbals any other way. Lots of ride required. Room is smallish 15x12 and has quite a low ceiling...
  9. R

    Room Mics on Drums

    Anybody have any good tips on how to mix room mics on rock drums (compression and eq)? I know a lot of people usually compress the hell out of them, but I cannot get any desirable results. I am limited to using onlyplug-ins and I am guessing the 1176 or the LA-2A plug in would be the way...
  10. S

    Positioning of Drum Room Mics

    I have a great sounding studio drum kit (Ayotte/Paiste) and a great sounding wood/concrete/carpet room that measures approximately 20'x22'x11' high with a vaulted ceiling. It's professionally spec'd and acoustically treated (bass traps, dimensions, etc.) I know it's not large by drum room...