1. hueseph

    Universal Audio Becomes RTAS Plug-In Developer For Avid Pro Tools

    For those of you who found issue with ProTools 9 NOT having TDM support here's a bit of news. Universal Audio Becomes RTAS Plug-In Developer For Avid Pro Tools I can only speculate that this means, HEAT may become available as a powered Plugin for the UAD-2 Cards. Of course, this now means you...
  2. audiokid

    (term) RTAS - Real Time AudioSuite

    Real Time AudioSuite. Based on Digidesign’s AudioSuite plug-in architecture that uses off-line processing, RTAS acts exactly like a TDM plug-in, but instead of using Digidesign DSP, uses the host computers processing capability. The upside is that RTAS does not require the expensive hardware...
  3. G

    RTAs plugins RAM or CPU?

    Hi, we have a computer at the practice space. Its a 2.4GHz Athlon (single core) We installed EZdrummer and it would not run until we dropped another 1gb of ram in there. I figure its because it loads drumkit sounds into the ram and drumkit takes about 450mb. Mother board will support up to 4gb...
  4. R

    Which is better, VST or RTAS?

    Hello. I'd like to get a quick opinion from all of you. Which do you like better, and more importantly, WHY? VST? RTAS?
  5. P

    Frequency Analyzer...RTAS

    Where can I find one? Need it as an RTAS plugin for Protools.
  6. A

    Poll: GTR plug-ins (VST, RTAS, TDM)

    Which is your favorite GTR Plug-in or which is the one you use most of the time:
  7. P

    Trouble getting RTAS plug in to work

    I recently bought the waves tune bundle, installed it, got it authorized through waves and Ilok alike, and after I thought I finally finished, it's not showing up under the plugins drop down in pro tools. There should be a separate menu that says RTAS Plugins, if I remember correctly. This is my...
  8. L

    Free RTAS Plugins?

    Does anyone have good links for free RTAS/protools plugins? let me know, im trying to get some!
  9. SuprSpy79

    RTAS/VST Question

    Can you us VST plugins with PTLE 5.2? or do you need some type of converter software? I see a lot of nice free plugins id like to try but non of them specifically say RTAS.
  10. E

    VST to RTAS wrapper

    Hey guys! Does anyone know of a free VST to RTAS wrapper? I recently moved from Cubase to Protools and have a lot of VST plugins. I don't mind forking out the mere $75 for FX wrapper but I believe that it isn't guaranteed to work with all VST plugins. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Eoin
  11. J

    Free RTAS plugins for ProTools LE?

    I've noticed tons of free VST plugins all over the net. But I run ProTools LE on a G4, and I haven't seen ANY freeware RTAS plugins. Do they even exist? If anyone has any information on any sites where one can download freeware RTAS plugins, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. A

    what are your 15 essential plug-ins?(TDM/RTAS)

    An old thread right from 2002/2003 days, but here we go: 1) Amp Farm 2) PSP Vintage Warmer 3) TC Master X ( 3+5) 4) TC Chorus 5) Waves Ren Eq/Q6 6) URS N Eq 7) MC 2000 8) CB2 9) Lexiverb 10)LA 2A 11) L2 12) L1 13) Pitch in time 14) Mod Dleay 15) PSP 42/84 Have not tested yet...
  13. G

    Free RTAS, Audiosuite Plugins

    Does anyone know where to find the Free RTAS, Audiosuite Plugins, other than Digidesign's site?
  14. T

    Why RTAS sounds worst than TDM

    Hi Last week I've opened in a PT LE, a session of a project that I've started in my PT Mix+. Wow. What a surprise. The Focusrite D2 RTAS sounds totally different than TDM version. With the same equalization, exactly. And I was really disappointed on Bass Drum, that normally is a...
  15. D

    Pro Tools Plugins - Audiosuite or RTAS?

    i'm wondering which plugins are generally used in real time and which ones make use of audiosuite and permanently change the file - i don't run any outboard gear, so all the compression, eqs, etc are all done via plugins. any opinions are appreciated. thanks, brandon
  16. R

    Why no RTAS to VST

    Just curious why there is no RTAS to VST converter?
  17. A

    PSP MixPack in RTAS Format has just been released

    PSP MixPack in RTAS Format has just been released Hi folks! Fresh Good news from PSP. Please, check below and at their site. 8-) PSP MixPack is a collection of 4 plug-ins processors in DirectX , VST and RTAS format for PC; VST, AudioUnit and RTAS format for OSX and VST, MAS (no RTAS)...
  18. E

    VST2RTAS problem with sir reverb

    I just finished loading my vst2rtas program by FXpansion and no problem there. The problem is when I use the detect vst plugins for conversion it doesn't see the sir reverb or any of the impulses. Any help would be outstanding. Clueless in Ohio. :evil:
  19. C

    Protools error, Fxpansion RTAS stuff

    Damn I'm glad I stumbled upon this site! I'll be sifting through all this info for weeks... For now I have two questions (perhaps silly ones). 1)Does anyone know off the top of their head what a DAE Error-6045 is in Protools? All of a sudden, I can't record for more than about 5 seconds before...
  20. A

    FREE RTAS plug-in here

    Nice gift indeed... http://