1. P

    Tuning a snare electronically

    Hello, I'm a pop producer and most of the time use MIDI for my productions, especially my drums. There was a particular snare that I heard from a YouTube video online that I would like to learn how to duplicate on my own. Is there a way I can tune a similar sounding snare in Logic Pro to match...
  2. A

    Introducing The Wheelharp Sample Library

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Wheelharp Kickstarter Campaign! We just added 2 sample libraries to the pledge rewards: $60 pledge: The Wheelharp Sample Library - (a $200 value). Includes both Radial and Linear Wheelharp samples. Kontakt compatible. $99 pledge: SAMPLE LIBRARY...
  3. R

    RESU Studio First Drum Sample Pack

    Download link: [=""]RESU Studio[/] 17 Drums samples 44.1 KHz Sample Rate 24 bit depth 14" x 5.5" Pearl Forum Snare 12" x 11" Pulse Tom 16" x 16" Pulse Floor Tom 22" x 18" Pulse Kick Video from the current pack that I'm working on...
  4. B

    correcting audio sampled with the wrong clock.

    I originally posted this in a different forum. Sorry for the double post...I have audio that was sampled at 44.1 but the ext clock was set to 48k. Obviously now I need a way to change the file definitions to 48k so I can mix it at speed. Normally I would use 2 DAWs , set one to each sample rate...
  5. B

    correcting audio sampled with the wrong clock.

    I have audio that was sampled at 44.1 but the ext clock was set to 48k. Obviously now I need a way to change the file definitions to 48k so I can mix it at speed. Normally I would use 2 DAWs , set one to each sample rate, clock them together and digitally transfer. However I dont have two...
  6. I

    Mixing MIDI Drum Sample Ideas

    Okay, so I'm posting this to find out what techniques people use when using MIDI drum samples for a beat. I'm new to this idea and am uncomfortable with it. I know I'm not going to get a sound that's as "open" as an acoustic drum set. I'm going for a rock drum beat at the moment. I also like...
  7. 8

    8Dio announces Free Radicals (Crowd Based Sample Project)

    8Dio has announced [=""]Free Radicals[/], which is described as a brand new library concept - and they invite YOU to be a part of it. 8DIO has created an unhealthy cluster of cancerous and asylum friendly sounds and we invite YOU to participate in adding...
  8. D

    Ludwig 26x14 Kick Drum Sample

    I'm looking for a Ludwig kick drum sample 26x14. I recorded one and am not completely happy with the results of the solo kick mic. If anybody has a single hit of a 26x14 kick drum sample/ludwig, I'd really appreciate it. I bought Addictive Drums, but that didn't work too well. Thanks, Nate
  9. mdb


    This is a poll I want to know what audio samples you like the best between the first three and then between the second three. The first three samples are vocals (vox1,2,3) and the last three are acoustic guitar pickings (Gtr1,2,3). [=""]Audio...
  10. S

    I sampled 15 snare drums using high end gear (Vintech, Lavry...) !

    Hello guys, here is a new product : my snare drum collection ! I sampled a 15 snare drums collection, using high end gear and my background as a drummer. You'll find multi-velocities samples (4 rimshot hits, 3 medium hits, and 3 soft hits) in WAV format (top and bottom snare) for each one...
  11. BrianaW

    Best Epic Choir and Brass Sample Libraries?

    Hello everyone. Any opinions on realistic hard edged choir samples for Kontakt 4? Or any VSTi with good aggressive Epic sounding choir stuff for cinema? I'd appreciate some input before sifting through a ton of demos and laying out the cash. Also, any suggestions on aggressive Brass swells...
  12. J

    best way to sample

    I'm having some issues with sampling and looping. If I sample an old rock / RnB song for example, by the time I loop the 4 bars the dymanic changes and you can hear the loop. Are most people re-recording their samples? I feel like it's the only way to get the samples I want. Another...
  13. J

    Primer needed on bit rate and sample depth

    Primer needed on bit depth and sample rate I understand the basic concepts of these two parameters, but what I cannot understand is how one decides what settings to use in recording. My naive intuition tells me that if a CD is limited to 16/44.1, and if the songs being recorded are going to go...
  14. alfugazi

    Sampled Chimes

    Hey All, I have a tune Im working on at the moment and have a section where some sampled chimes come in courtesy of EZ drummer Latin Percussion. The chimes sound a bit lame. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about EQ'ing chimes to make them sound a bit better. I have been looking...
  15. V

    sampletank pitchwheel/fl studio9 help!!!!!

    okay my first problem is my pitch knob in fl studio does not work, it moves but no pitch change, the volume knobs work everything else, but not the pitch knob.okay so then i load sampletank in the step sequencer open fruity loops wrapper and put the port number to to 5 which is a free port then...
  16. audiokid

    Using Dedicated Computers for Sample Libriaries and Recording Audio

    Using more than one computer for recording I have 2 extra Windows XP Quads that I bought for [=""]Welcome | Audio Impressions, Inc.[/] DVZ Strings that never got past go.:mad: Not sure why their website it still active. Anyway... They are sitting here now and...
  17. audiokid

    (term) Downsample

    The taking of a audio file with a high sample rate, and sample rate converting down to a lower sample rate. Used in particular when a project is recorded at a high sample rate and the audio files need to be prepared for CD distribution.
  18. audiokid

    (term) Sample

    The process that is performed by an analog to digital converter where the instantaneous amplitude of a sound source is measured at periodic intervals, the latter being know as the sample rate. The word also refers to an audio file that has been sampled in a sampler for instance.
  19. T

    Cheap Chinese Ribbon Mics: Seeking sample tracks.

    I've searched up and down this site, I've Googled, I've hit Youtube. So far the only vocal sample I could find was a female vocalist using a FatHead II, which was posted on this site. Anybody have any source of samples/demo tracks/etc with these mics? This is going to be for a spoken word...
  20. T

    My first LDC mic! Advice please. Sample of my work included

    First off, Hi everyone! This forum seems like a great resource, and I've already learned tons here. I'd love to give advice whenever I'm qualified. My question is another "Which mic should I buy??", so I'll make it quick. I'm a student and have been a bedroom producer for about 7 years, and...