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    Surround recording, Sanken co-100K etc. etc.

    Hello, :roll: I am new to this site so forgive me if I ask too many questions. I have many questions. I was wondering if anybody out there has any experience with the Sanken co-100K mics? I want to use them to record some stuff in 5.1 surround but when I use the decca tree technique I need...
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    Sanken Mics...

    Just got a new pair of mics- Sanken CU-31. I got a great deal on a pair of them (consecutive serial numbers and I got them for more than $1000 off the pair). I just used them for the first time and I must say I'm absolutely thrilled with them. They have a wonderfully transparent sound, but...
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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences with Sanken mics on acoustic recordings? Thank you! D.
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    Sanken CU-44X Mic.

    I just bought a Sanken CU-44X microphone with it's power unit(P-44X). I don't have the 4pin XLR cable. Does anyone know anything about these mics? Seems like nobody uses them, just wondering if this is worth keeping? Meanwhile I have to find the right cable to try it out.
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    Sanken microphones

    Hi all Last saturday I did a FOH job in a theatre for a well known jazz band. They had rented a number of small Sanken microphones, I guess CU31 or 32 as I found out from the sanken website and IMO they did a very good job on grand piano, clarinets and drum OH's...